new Corsa Active - studebaker
Can anyone tell me the technical lowdown on the 1 litre engine? How many cylinders? Does it have a cam belt or chain? Any interesting features?
new Corsa Active - Dynamic Dave
Have you looked at the Car By Car Breakdown in the Red Menu to the left?

"Both the 57bhp 1.0 litre 3 cylinder 12v and 74bhp 1.2 litre Ecotec 4 cylinder 16v are both chain-cam Suzuki engines"

Any interesting features?

Such as?
new Corsa Active - Victorbox
My wife bought a new 1 litre Corsa Life (same spec as Active) last Summer. The engine is 3 cylinders and chain driven so no cam belt to worry about. I thought I would hate driving it, but apart from the slightly lumpy pull away (you soon get used to revving it slightly more) the engine is fine and perfectly smooth once on the move. Within its limitations the engine is quite quick - not standing starts, but general overtaking etc. The first small car my wife has owned I'd be happy to drive the length of the country in. Low emissions mean cheaper road tax and if the Active gets a CD Player, aircon and 185 x 15inch alloys too like the Life, its a pleasure to drive. Just don't pay the list price - we got a massive discount as the dealer wanted to make up his sales figures at month end.
new Corsa Active - DavidHM has the Corsa Active for £7327. The 1.2 SXi is only £511 more and has an extra 17 bhp plus it isn't a special edition so will be easier to value secondhand. I'd be inclined to go for that one unless performance really isn't an issue. Both have free insurance offers on at the moment. You can also get a (pre-reg I think) SXi for £7459 from if your insurance is particularly cheap.

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