Will a 1.d dt fit a mk2 cavalier ? - surfer
Dear John.My subject is..can a 1.7Dt be fitted into a tired mk 2 1.8 sri engine bay ? If it can be done with nearly standard parts, GM 1.7 (is that the low pressure turbo?) or Isuzu 1.7 ? Will I need to swap driveshafts ? I dont think vacuum pump is a problem on either as this could be adapted.I would anticipate buying a complete donor, then doing the swap. PLEASE dont ask why - each to their own. let those without..cast the first stone etc etc ! If possible - are driveshafts/ suspension/engine and box the same in an astramamx as there seem to be loads of cheapies to choose from but only limited cavalier DT donors as yet.Yours seeking enlightenment !!



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