CC zone update - CM
On the news today TfL said that traffic jams were down by 40% (nice to know that they can quantify it so easily).

Well for starters, the roadworks at Vauxhall Cross have been completed and the decline in jams here is nearer 100% and a large area of the SW CC zone is no longer affected. Don't really know how many roadworks have been completed in other parts of the CC zone to allow for smoother running, but I am a cynic and suspect that quite a few have.

Also the average speed has improved from 8mph to 11mph. IMO this would be even higher if councils stopped putting in stupid pedestrian traffic lights rather than zebra crossings. Wandswoth council (I know outside the CC zone) have come up with a brilliant plan to put raised pedestrian crossings (controlled by lights) on one of the main roads in SW London (Lavender Hill)
CC zone update - Altea Ego
And no doubt the traffic light timing changes have been restored to the old schemes? ( as we all knew they would )
CC zone update - Nsar
I don't live in London, but you both seem to be saying "damn these infernal jam-free roads". Odd, perhaps I'll feel the same when we get it here in Manchester
CC zone update - Altea Ego
No - the problem was Ken jammed up the roads by re-phasing the traffic lights and changing road layouts to entry points for 18 months before the CC. Suddenly road works gone and traffic light phases all restored at the same time as CC starts. Results? you work it out. No mention is made of the rat runs now being used around the outside of the CC

On the whole tho I agree with it as a principle, as long as the money raised goes towards improved and reliable public transport, alas I fear tho............
CC zone update - James_Jameson
Two things to remember:

1. We were told by Ken that it would be more than a year before it could be stated whether or not the charge had been a success. (However, no mention was made as to how the "success" was to be judged.)

2. Stephen Norris said that he would scrap the charge if he came to power. (Fat chance I feel, but nobody must let him forget he said it!)

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