VW Golf MkIII Cutting Out - Danny1
I have a 1993 Golf GTI and have a persisting problem where it cuts out for seemingly no reason , it's usually when the revs drop and it cannot fight back and keep it idling but it's not all the time. I have taken it to a friend who works for VW who has run it through the computer diagnostics and can find no fault. He suggested I replace the related sensors that manage the fuel/idling as one of these may have been giving a false reading. So started to replace these but it's running expensive, the next one is over £100 and there has been no change so far. I'm now reluctant to spend any more money on it without being sure it's going to be fixed. I could take it back to VW and ask them to identify the problem but they charge £70 per hour. My friend at VW says they will do nothing more than he's already done and I'd end up with a £200 bill for the time they've spent on it!! Has anyone had this problem before or got any advice on where I can go, what I can do! Pleeeease help!!!
VW Golf MkIII Cutting Out - st1
Must be loads of VW specialists out there, but one I and my brother have tried in the (distant) past is 'Bears' near B'ham City Centre. You may need to do a search on yell.co.uk to get details.
VW Golf MkIII Cutting Out - Ian D
A colleague of mine had similar problems on a 50000 mile N reg 8v GTi, to the credit of the local VW dealer after exhausting several possibilities it changed all the ignition components from a forecourt car (distributor/leads etc) to no avail. My colleague out of desperation changed the fuel filter as it had not been changed recently (or at all) and problem solved. May have been full of rubbish that was intermittently causing problems, may be worth a try...

VW Golf MkIII Cutting Out - PaulVW
I have a similar problem on my Golf 3 16v N-Reg but only when starting - seems to happen mostly in the morning. Also rough on idling when cold. Sent mine to a VW specialist with no luck and a £80 bill, then a Engine Specialist who probably did the same kind of diagnostic, couldn't find anything wrong so just did an 'industrial' strength clean of the injectors (£75 for the privelidge). This actually made it better for a while but now have the same problem. I recon it's either temperature/humidity sensors (havent tryed to replace any yet thought) or dirty injectors from in town driving. Seems that the VW specialists don't really know much (or don't try too hard) about diagnosing problems....
VW Golf MkIII Cutting Out - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Problems of this type can often be attributed to a build up of contaminant around the throttle body and idle speed control valve and should be eliminated first. These control valves have been known to fail. A slowly switching Lambda sensor can cause stalling if the sensor is running the engine rich when decelerating. Get someone in who understands the system.

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VW Golf MkIII Cutting Out - Roger Jones
With apologies for sounding like a broken record, whenever I see such problems reported I suggest using the the VW fuel additive (part number G 001 700 03) before getting involved in more costly work. I've used it ever since HJ put me on to it and it cured my Audi 100's cool-running problems overnight; it also improved starting significantly, such that one feather-touch of the key was all that was needed. Those problems were almost certainly caused by short trips. I've also heard the VW dealers attribute to it the very clean emissions readings of my Golf VR6 after its MOT test.

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