Disobedient Focus - AlanGowdy
The engine of my wife's Focus 1.8 petrol model surges by between 100 and 300 rpm on each gearchange. The only way to avoid or minimise it is to adopt the practise of lifting off the accelerator pedal a second or so before depressing the clutch. Tedious.
Also, when coming to a halt or trickling along in heavy traffic, the engine surges to 2500 rpm or so when the road speed drops to about 10 mph - this is with clutch disengaged and foot off the accelerator. The revs only drop to normal idle when the road speed reaches zero. It makes you seem like an impatient boy racer.
There is, fortunately, no dangerous tendency to surge when under load.
In fact, thinking about it further, the engine's response to changes in accelerator pedal depression is very slow at all times.
Anyone got an explanation/solution for this?
Disobedient Focus - Galaxy
I believe that many of the Focus engine racing problems were caused by a batch of engines being fitted with the wrong inlet manifold. In actual fact, they were engines which were destined to be fitted into Mondeos, which, for some reason I don't know, use a different manifold.

I'm sure this has been covered in the BR previously; try doing a search.

Well worth speaking to your local Ford Main Dealer or Ford Customer Care about this problem, I would think. It will be well known to them.
Disobedient Focus - timp
No explanation or solution, I'm afraid, but I can post my experiences...

My Focus behaves in a very similar way - when the clutch is depressed, the engine revs rise, particularly when coming to a halt, but not as high as 2500rpm, perhaps 2000rpm absolute maximum.

I also find that when changing gear, the revs rise, and also holds onto the revs. It was suggested in a much earlier post that it was designed to do this, to improve gear changes and decrease emissions. Having driven a Mondeo 1.8, which didn't have this problem (feature?!), before I got my Focus, it took some getting used to.

As far as engine response goes, it seems to react very quickly (almost jerkily) to sudden changes in pedal depression, but more slowly after that. This makes it initially seem that it is going to be more responsive than it actually is. Don't know whether you have this problem?

Although the Mondeo and Focus 1.8 engines seem mechanically identical, I find that the Focus's engine is more responsive, smoother, quieter and idles much slower (700rpm vs. 1000rpm).

If I were to get another Focus, I'd choose the 1.6. This seemed a much better engine when I test-drove one, but I couldn't get a used Focus with the spec I wanted at the time.
Disobedient Focus - ChrisV
Yes this is one of the reasons they have difficulty controlling the revs, does anyone know how to spot a Mondeo inlet manifold vs. a Focus one?
The holding revs comment has been made before, I did once suggest that it was due to trying to reduce emissions but others posted to say theirs didn't do it. Mine (2.0) only does it when cold. Thankfully I fitted a Kenlowe hotstart so it never does it anymore (unless i forget to plug it in!) If your car does it when warm then I think you need to investigate further.
I think you have a point about the 1.6 model, slighlty different design from the 1.8 & 2.0 (yamaha influenced??) and usually better reviewed. I wanted the extra grunt of the 2.0, but it's not that impressive.
Let us know how you get on,
Disobedient Focus - Pete F
I think there is a clutch switch fitted to this car and maybe that has failed. Easy to check, so worth a try. Assuming it's fitted, it's in a similar position to brake light switch but on clutch.
Disobedient Focus - Blue {P}
My old Fiesta with a Zetec did exactly the same rev rising thing when I first got in, it seems to be becuase the engine is far easier to rev then my old car, and this means I have to let the clutch out first, I'm now totally used to this so am not even aware of it, but I know that my new Fiesta still does it.

Disobedient Focus - AlanGowdy
Thanks for responses. I'll check at the next service to see if there's a rogue Mondeo component lurking under the bonnet !!!

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