Volkswagen goodwill gesture - bertj
Has anyone experience of a VW goodwill gesture?
Long story, but my wife's new Polo after 600 miles, suffered a gear box failure and a broken driver's seat. The car was off the road for 3 weeks waiting for spares.
VW have 'offered' a goodwill gesture (not money!). They are talking about (would you believe!) a 'fun day' or possible free servicing or accessories. Annoyingly she has taken out a 3 year service plan (including breakdown recovery) with VW and can't think of any accessories. So far there has been no mention of the value of such a gesture.
Comments would be appreciated.
Volkswagen goodwill gesture - DavidHM
Have they given you a rental car or anything like that to run around in? Assuming that you're not going to reject the car because of the fault, it would cost them very little to give you a car off the forecourt for the time being.

And why not money? You're entitled to have the use of the car you've bought and which is depreciating because of their poor manufacture. Even if they specifically exclude financial compensation, the fact is that there is a myriad consumer protection legislation on your side.
Volkswagen goodwill gesture - bertj
Yes, they did provide a hire car. Apparently, goodwill gestures do not include money!
Volkswagen goodwill gesture - Mark S
Little known fact: VW dealer is able to "self authorise" a goodwill gesture up to the value of £200. You are unlikely to see hard cash, but why not put a claim in for a decent meal for two or something similar?
Volkswagen goodwill gesture - Altea Ego
How about a cd changer for the radio if they make one? that would come in about 200 quid if you take dealers mark up off
Volkswagen goodwill gesture - mmm-five
How about taking the free servicing and asking for a refund of your original service plan purchase!
Volkswagen goodwill gesture - David Lacey
Very similar to Rover then.

Suggest you go for a CD Autochanger as mentioned before?

.....or a set of 'phat' alloys? ;-)

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