Polo 1050 oil breather 1983 - pmh
The oil breather in the back of the block has become so heavily blocked with oil sludge that the whole crankcase is pressurising itself forcing oil leakage at Filler cap and dipstick.

I can find nothing in Haynes about removal, but I am sure that it is a wire mesh secured behind a pop in seal breather pipe stub.

Access is apparently impossible!

I have cleaned out the rubber pipe but still blocked.

I wonder about pouring degreasant down the breather, leaving for 24 hrs, (and then change the oil). Or trying to blast the crud back the way it came using compressed air.
Any better suggestions?
pmh (was peter)
Polo 1050 oil breather 1983 - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Peter you should be able to get at it from underneath. I dont think you will have any joy with the degreaser as the crud is too thick. When you do get it out dont bother to try and clean it just replace it and while it is out clean through the oil drain hole in the bottom of the socket with some stiff wire.

Simplicate and add lightness!
Polo 1050 oil breather 1983 - pmh
Andrew , thanks for prompt reply. At least a pit makes access from underneath almost pleasurable. How is the cover held in place? Something in my memory says it pops in -like a core plug. What is the best way to remove?

pmh (was peter)
Polo 1050 oil breather 1983 - Crinkly Dave
I did a couple on a 1983 1100, and assume they are the same.
First buy a replacement. As you said, like a core plug with half-moon projection and a stub for a breather pipe.
Use this to make a suitable dolly to knock the new one in. (your agent/independent may even show you the tool they use? Mine did) From memory, about 2 inch pipe about 1 inch long, with a cutout for the stub. Get the old one out with a chisel or similar (only hitting the projection, never never the block. Clean the hole out carefully, and make sure you get the thing square before you try and knock it in.
It can be done in a pit, but there isn't a lot of room!!
Polo 1050 oil breather 1983 - pmh
I should have checked first, worth reading for any one else contemplating doing it.

see bangernomics.tripod.com/oilypolo.htm

from the RichardW site.

pmh (was peter)
Polo 1050 oil breather 1983 - pmh
Done it. Not the easiest 20 minute job!

For future reference (for any one else), a piece of steel pipe 65mm int diameter aprox 3cm long is needed to make a dolly. It makes it easier if the cut out for the breather pipe is a hole, rather than a slot. This means that dolly will hold itself in position while trying to drive it home with the side of a club hammer.

I took of all the paint and a little bit of metal on the leading edge,and froze the insert before fitting to a warm engine. First 10 attempts failed. Then just poppped in.

Anybody who thinks that they are going to do it lying on the ground without a pit forget it!
pmh (was peter)


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