Xedos 6 & 9 - Malc
HJ's discussion threads and expert reports convinced me to hunt down a Xedos 6. I am now the happy owner of 98S with 48k miles.

I'm already lusting after a Miller engine 9, but was shocked to discover that a cam belt change will leave me no change out of £1,600! Surely a major design fault? Are there any Xedos 9 owners out there can tell me if there are any other surprises?
Xedos 6 & 9 - bafta
Malc, congrats - where did you purchase this car and how much did you pay? What do you like most about it? I have a 626 2.0i Executive (96) which is fully loaded and I think that the Xedos 6 has a similar spec. I presume that you have the V6 engine, of course. I am thinking of getting one next so am interested in your views. The Miller engine cambelt change sounds horrific on the 9!
Xedos 6 & 9 - joe
i wanted one of these last time I changed, but couldn't find the right car for the right money. Am a little disenchanted with my current motor, and am thinking of changing again. I would be really interested in hearing all about your impressions of your Mazda.
Xedos 6 & 9 - Malc
The main problem was dealers claiming cars in A1 or vg condition, only to find on inspection that they were in poor condition. I checked out about 12 cars, including auction, before I found this one.

The only other problem was getting my tongue round the name - I call it Zeedos. Mazda calls it something like Kerceedos! No wonder there was an image problem on such a beautiful motor.

Please see my reply to bafta for my impression of the car. I'm in love - it's ridiculous at my age.

You should find a very good car at £5k-£5.5k.

Good luck.
Xedos 6 & 9 - Malc
It's a 6 and I paid too much! But at £6k, I got a cambelt change, service, new tyres, MOT, a tiny bit of paintwork, warranty and an honest, pleasant dealer who I enjoyed negotiating with and buying from.

There's nothing I don't like - the styling, paintwork and leather trim is magnificent. The bodywork is solid. I did 1,000 miles in the first week and my back didn't complain - that's a result!

There's an awful lot of engine and it's smooth, responsive and quiet. The auto box is all I need.

I'm having the car checked over by a Mazda main dealer just to be sure there are no hidden probs., but I'm confident it's going to live with me for the next 100k miles.

I would be interested to know what the pros and cons are of the Xedos 9.
Xedos 6 & 9 - Vin {P}

Bought my wife a Xedos 9 (non Miller) three weeks or so ago. I just happened on it - a customer answered his mobile in a meeting on the grounds that he didn't want to miss any calls about the car he was selling, and I ended up buying it.

It's 97N, 60K miles, and cost £3,750. It's a fine car; a bit light steering (a la 626) but otherwise fine. Tiny bit characterless inside in a bland sort of way. Acceleration is not quite up to my Omega 2.5, but not far off. The spec is very high, but niggling omissions and problems are:

Boot is a little shallow (but deep and wide to compensate)
Cruise control is a pain to use
Lap belt only in the middle seat in the back
No air vents to back of car

The chap who sold it to me had had it from new (it was a company car that he bought from his employers) and apart from routine servicing he'd only ever replaced a rear light bulb.

But the BEST thing about it is that it has a proper, hinged-at-the-bottom accelerator pedal. Fantastic.

Hope this helps - put it this way, I'd buy another.

Xedos 6 & 9 - Malc
Nice one, Vin. You look at detail that I wouldn't even think of!

My fishing rods fit perfectly with the back seat folded - and that's all I really care about!

Even the back seat release buttons are designed well - from the outside, look through the back window and see everything perfectly organised!

Was your cambelt changed at 54k? Do you have a receipt from the previous owner (re. my concern about £1600 cost)?

Always interested in any other remarks.

Thanks Vin.


Xedos 6 & 9 - joe
Ah Malc, a fisherman on this site at last! When looking at new cars i always take my pike rods with me to make sure they fit in the car.
Xedos 6 & 9 - Altea Ego
Ah Malc, a fisherman on this site at last! When looking
at new cars i always take my pike rods with me
to make sure they fit in the car.


I took my doggie with me when I was looking at new cars. Had to pass the "jump up into the hatch test" Most dealers were non suprised by this so it must happen a lot. One even gave the dog a biccie!
Xedos 6 & 9 - Malc
"Ah Malc, a fisherman on this site at last! When looking at new cars i always take my pike rods with me to make sure they fit in the car."

Hey Joe! (to quote J.Hendrix Esq.) On the strength of your reply I visited a tackle shop yesterday for a new spinning rod & reel and some juicy lures for pike and sea bass. You see how easily I'm influenced!

This persiflage does not get me closer to a Xedos 9 Miller. Have you any more thoughts about a Xedos based on my short but ecstatic experience? Your pike rods will fit easily and any Xedos would be a perfect backdrop for that catch-of-the-century photo. Happy hunting!

Xedos 6 & 9 - joe
They say that lures are designed more to catch the angler than the fish. I am of course immune to silly behaviour like this, and have managed to restrict my expenditure on lures, plugs etc to just under £1,500......

I fancy having a crack at the sea bass this summer, seems the ideal way to combine a trip to the beach with the kids with a spot of fishing.

I think that the garages all refer to the hole in the back seat of some saloons as a "ski-hole", but they reckon that it is nearly always used for fishing rods. In my old Galant I used to be able to get 3 bait rods, 3 spinning rods and a landing net through it, but I eventually gave up and bought a hatchback. Now I wish I still had a saloon.

Is the Xedos as smooth as I think it is? My only concern is that the earlier models did not have aircon, which i found surprising in a model of this type. I presume yours has. What's the perfomance like with the 2.0 v6?
Xedos 6 & 9 - Malc
So sorry for the delay in replying.
Won't comment on lures/rods/nets - dangerous ground!

My v6 is smooth and very quiet. I'm no techy, but it seems to run at remarkably low revs: about 1500 at 40mph and <4000 at 85mph. Quite happy (if you ever need it) at 95-105mph.

Air is excellent - very powerful fan gets cool fast and fully automatic with manual override.

An unexpected feature for someone with sciatica is I can stretch my left leg out completely straight without hitting the bulkhead ... and without moving the seat back from the regular driving position.

There, Joe... that's another reason I love my Mazda. Now, back to the sea bass........


Xedos 6 & 9 - PB
I bought an R97 Xedos9 at auction three weeks ago as a commuter, it has a FMSH to 66k (now 68k). My local Mazda dealer has just closed so I'm probably just going to get Kwik fit to do oil changes from now and inspect the rest myself. So far the car seems 100% and I hope it stays that way. I haven't actually used it much due to holidays but the only criticism is that I have yet to find a truly comfortable seat position, and the steering wheel does not adjust for angle (which could help with seat comfort). If I can't get that right in the next few weeks it will have to go so watch this space.
Xedos 6 & 9 - bafta
Cripes, isn't that an electronically controlled seat? What shape are you?
Seriously, if you do decide to sell let the backroom know. I think that it would go fairly quickly. There seem to be a few enthusiasts around.
Xedos 6 & 9 - PB
The seats have plenty of (manual) adjustment so I do need to persevere. For some reason there aren't many car seats that I do find acceptable. But as this is for a daily dull commute the seat needs to be just right for me.
Xedos 6 & 9 - Malc
Hi PB,

Too bad you're not comfy - I've found my 6 to be the MOST comfy drive in many years.

I'm watching your space!

Xedos 6 & 9 - PB
I think I've figured this out now. I tend to sit with my hips angled down towards the left, and the most comfortable cars I've had had had armrests (540, 328, A8). Once ny back muscles get used to it it will probably be fine. It's such a good car in other respects I'm loathe to change it.
Xedos 6 & 9 - PB
I still can't get truly comfortable in it so I have decided to change it. I'll put it up in Autotrader in a week or two but please feel free to contact me via email if you are interested. I am in the Thames Valley near Slough.
Xedos 6 & 9 - martinh
I still can't get truly comfortable in it so I have
decided to change it. I'll put it up in Autotrader in
a week or two but please feel free to contact me
via email if you are interested. I am in the Thames
Valley near Slough.

Yes, I could be -- can you be specific about the car and, of course, the price you are looking for?

Xedos 6 & 9 - RKB


I have just purchased a V reg xedos 9 miller with 78000 miles for £3400. The car I have has a recent bill for a cambelt change at a total of £370.00. Sounds like someone is trying to cash in on the rarety value.

As soon as I pick up the vehicle, I will let you know who carried out the job.

I have had lots of Mazdas and I have found that the Mazda dealers are cheaper on brake pads and other consumables due to this very reason.



Xedos 6 & 9 - Falkirk Bairn
I have a 1998 Xedos 6 - bought in 1999 with 2,000 mls.

Cam belt was £300 inc belt & labour at a Mazda garage - 3 yrs ago.

Car still runs like new and only £150 in repairs in 7 years if you exclude pads, discs, exhausts & cambelts etc
Xedos 6 & 9 - BobbyG
RXB, not sure if you realised that the original post was 3 years ago?
Xedos 6 & 9 - Pete M
I had a Eunos 800 Miller Cycle, which is the same as the Xedos 9 and the Mazda Millenia. Plenty of power, lovely to drive. I only sold it because I realised that when you own a dog, an estate is much more practical. I have heard that the supercharger (a Lysholm, i believe) tends to wear out at high mileages. Mine had been marked as having had a cambelt changed, but of course in the Miller Cycle engine, there is a very wide supercharger belt too, which can't be cheap. I did find that the four speed auto trans was occasionally unwilling to change down on big hills, but that was the only problem. I think that Mazda made them from around 1988 to 2003, which is a long life for a car these days.
Xedos 6 & 9 - Temp name4
WE had one at work
a few years back, it was rerliable but it got really neglected in the end.

Ath the last count it had 180k on it , the brakes seized once on it, that was it

i did find it a little small though, id go for a 325i before id get another one

Xedos 6 & 9 - Gazza
You have to inspect the autobox very carefully as I think they used the Ford one (ALD4E or CD4E?) and is a weak point of the car - basically the clutch-pack is too small for the engine power and they eventually burnout and you need a new clutch-pack.

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