New Corsa Spotted - BobbyG
Thought I would just drop a note to say I think I spotted a new type Corsa on the road today?

Has anyone else seen it, it looks just like the others but has windows that you can see through, (as opposed to blacked out), it has wheel trims on steel wheels,(as opposed to alloys) the windscreen washers are black and scoosh water,(as opposed to being blue and light up) it doesn't have any stickers on it advertising bodyshops.

And even better, I actually saw it before I heard its stereo thumping!!

Anyone else seen one?
New Corsa Spotted - Tom Shaw

There is no new Corsa. What you saw was a current model that had been heavily modified by some middle aged yobbo. Why these types can't find something useful to do, God knows.
New Corsa Spotted - Pugugly {P}
Typical, probably taxed and MoT'd with proper insurance on it.

Value my car