Thread lock - leatherpatches
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Does anyone know:

1) Where I can purchase thread lock for the aerial on my car?

2) Is it any good? Ie. will it stop people removing the aerial without tools?

3) Will I be able to get the aerial off myself in the future? If not, I'll just superglue the damn thing!

Thread lock - Dizzy {P}
There are lots of different grades of thread lock, the stronger the grade the more difficult to undo. I don't know where you can buy the stuff from economically, though a car accessory shop may well sell very small bottles. Next best is to ask a friendly garage or machinist for a small drop, but you must make sure its an appropriate grade.

A very low strength grade should be OK, for example Loctite 222 (aka Screwlock) - assuming that the grade numbers haven't changed in recent times. There follows Loctite 243 (aka Nutlock) and 275 (aka Studlock). Any of these, or any other grades starting 2**, should be 'undo-able'. Any Loctite grade starting 6** will probably need heating to 200C (300C in some cases) to reduce its strength so as to enable removal - no good for your aerial!

These thread lockers (anaerobic compounds) will work on your aerial so long as the bits you are locking together have at least one ferrous component. If it is all stainless steel or chromium plated then thread lock is very unlikely to harden. It is activated by ferrous ions in the absence of oxygen.

Bit of a long-winded answer but you might find what you need to know in there somewhere!
Thread lock - Dizzy {P}
Forgot to mention brass and other copper-containing alloys. These activate Loctite *very* quickly, even in the absence of ferrous ions.
Thread lock - leatherpatches
Many thanks. Will go out hunting tomorrow.
Thread lock - jc
Look in the yellow pages for a bearing supplier-most of them hold all grades.
Thread lock - Marcos{P}
Check the Loctite website first to see which grade you want.


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