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Can anyone out there give me a sensible answer to a simple question? Citroen UK and France have both been less than helpful with their answers.
I have a 2002 XSARA 110bhp HDI SX. My handbook says that I must use Total Quartz 9000 (or equivalent).
It does also list Quartz 7000, but says that this must not be use in HDi engines which have a particle filter.
To the best of my knowledge my car DOES have a particle filter.
I recently had my car serviced by Citroen, and they used Quartz 7000.
Citroen UK say that 7000 will be \'alright\'.
Citroen France say that 7000 is fine in my car, but it must NOT be used if a \'dust filter\' is fitted. (Presumably a translation error form \'particle filter\'.)

All I really need to know is whether the 7000 oil is in OK until the next due service in 12,500 miles, or should I take the car back and get them to replace it with 9000.

Anyone reading this able to get to someone in the technical department at Citroen? All I can get through to is \'Customer Services\' who do not seem to be worth the price of the 0800 phone call.
Citroen HDI Oil - Mondaywoe
I may be wrong, but I\'m almost certain that your Xsara WON\'T have a particle filter. The particle filter is quite a sophisticated device in the exhaust system (not to be confused with the normal air filter) for burning off deposits at pre determined intervals. This process involves EOLYS fluid which is pumped into the diesel (by the car itself) after every visit to the pumps. My C5 2.2 HDI has this system and as far as I know Citroen don\'t do it on the smaller engine - in fact I don\'t think they do it on the Xsara at all.

If it\'s any consolation, my dealer uses Esso fully synthetic on mine and insists it\'s absolutely fine.

If Ben is around he\'ll probably have a better idea of specs on Xsaras.

Citroen HDI Oil - Ben79
Here to the rescue, I\'ll just hang my cape up now.

I\'m pleased to say you have a great engine, it\'s the same as the one in my C5!

You can use any oil that reaches the required spec, i.e. CF B3.98 which means the Total Quartz DIESEL 7000, but some Total Quartz 7000 are only for petrol.

As far as I know, all Total Quartz 9000 are suitable for both petrol and diesel.

The 2.0 HDI 110 engine in the UK spec C5 and the Xsara do NOT have particle filters. My C5 handbook shows some countries can have a particle filter on a 2.0 HDI 110, but interestingly, this engine uses more fuel!

Personally, I would use the Total Quartz 5W40 fully synthetic oil in my HDI, or indeed any modern Citroen.

I used both Quartz 7000 10W40 and Quartz 9000 5W40 on my Xsara 1.4, the 9000 oil gave better cold engine performance and better economy as the 5 signifies the oil is thinner when cold. As both oils were 40\'s, they performed the same when hot, so long journeys didnt make a difference between the two.

My C5 came with an Esso (I think) oil that was only described as suitable by the dealer. It may be changed at 6000 miles.

You could also buy your Quartz 9000 from Andyspares or similar and get the dealer to use your oil when it is serviced. This won\'t affect the warranty as long as you use the correct oil.

On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
Citroen HDI Oil - Mondaywoe
There you go! Didn't think Ben would be too far away!

Am I right in thinking that Citroen are only using the particle filter set up in the C5s?

Citroen HDI Oil - Ben79
To the best of my knowledge the following UK vehicles are fitted with the particle filter:

C5 2.2 HDI
307 2.0 HDI 110

Other countries may get a C5 2.0 HDI 110 with a particle filter.

I'm not sure about particle filters on the 406 and 607.

On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
Citroen HDI Oil - caspian
A first class set of answers.
Real thanks to all of you. - Why Cirtoen couldn't have said "You have nothing to worry about, there is not a particle filter on the Xsara"
Actully, in reply to this same query the UK lot said that they do not recommend fitting Xeon bulbs in place of the existing headlights.

I have to say that the car itself is a worthy replacement for my old Vulcane TDi. And I'm glad I held out for the SX trim. I was, I think lucky to get a very dark grey (almost black) metallic. 'Smoke' I think its called. To my eye, this is the colour the car was designed for. It looks completely different to and better than, the silver, red or green ones, - Especially with the Wolfrace Voodoo wheels I got for under £150 at an auction.
Thanks again to all

Citroen HDI Oil - Mondaywoe
Sounds like a really nice car. My C5 is black. The dealer said he had never sold a black C5 before and even since I bought my one, he says he couldn't even persuade a local taxi driver to have one - he bought a white one!

It's got to be seen (clean!) to be appreciated I reckon. I know what you mean, though about 'the colour the car was designed for' and I don't think black was maybe that for the C5 - because all the black plastic trim 'disappears'!

I chose black because I've never been too keen on the 'cheesy grin' of the C5. The black paintwork diminishes this a lot and enhances the 'chrome' brightwork. Newly washed and polished it's outstanding. A mile down the road it's mucky and unremarkable.

Don't worry about the oil - use a good fully synthetic and you should be fine.


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