AA/RAC Used Car Inspections - Aprilia
What are peoples general experiences with AA/RAC used car inspections? Has anyone found serious faults after purchase that were not picked up during the inspection?

I have no 'issues' here - just wondering how people find them. They are not cheap at around £200 for 2 hours work, and since there may well be no access to ramps etc., I wonder how thorough the underfloor part of the inspection car be?
AA/RAC Used Car Inspections - bartycrouch
I used them even when buying from a main dealer. My first car was from a Toyota dealer and he was allowed to use their facilties. I had the order made out \"Subject to satisfactory inspection\"

I got the following from it:

The car had been in a minor accident at some time (door skin replaced) and had been professionally repaired.

A list of minor work to be carried out - all done by the dealer before purchase, but not having much mechanical experience they were things I would have missed and would have had to pay out later.

An independent opinion that was very useful for a beginner like me.

Taking into account the work that was done due to the inspection real cost was about £50-60.
AA/RAC Used Car Inspections - Old Bill
I also used them when buying from a small dealer in London. The hundred odd pounds I spend was worth it. Interestingly, the dealer wanted me to go with the AA and not the RAC, I dont know why but I decided the RAC.

It fount few things I would not notice on a standard test drive. It also highlighted tyre wear (legal but just) and the dealer agreed to replace all 4 tyres and shock absorbers + other bits.

It is good to have an expert opinion (I use the term expert loosely), especially it one is spending thousands of pounds and is not very confident/expert with car mechanics. I saw the expense as an added extra on the price of the car.

Old Bill
AA/RAC Used Car Inspections - SG
As someone who knows nothing about how a car works mechanically I use the AA every time I buy a car, even from a main dealer - for me the cost is worth the peace of mind.

They have alway been very thorough (even to the point of noting that there is no radio when it has clearly been detached for security purposes)and I always make sure that the dealer will agree to rectify any problems which are identified.


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