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A friend is looking at buying a used 2/3 year S60 2.4 T auto or estate equivalent (S 80). Does any body have any idea as to how relaible the volvo S60 is, what major components fail past 100k. How economical is the 2.4 turbo, and how much does a major/minor service cost. Does this car keep its value?

Are modern volvo\'s as durable as those made in the 1980\'s such as the 740 and 240 model range. I seem to remember that these cars regularly sailed passed 100k and could go on for 2 if not 300k with ease (provided of course they are serviced regularly).

Volvo S 60 - GTLK
I have an S80, as do a load of acquaintances, and a friend has has V70s and S60 and a C70. They have all been pretty reliable. AS with all cars there are occasional niggles (in the S80, there was a recall for some suspension item in late 2000), but I have seen many modern examples at high milages with little obvious wear.

The one thing your friend should be aware of is the hard ride of the SE model. They ride on 17\" wheels with very low profile tyres. I bought the S80 over the S60 for that reason. They alternative is to find someone with the base S model on 16\" or 15\" wheels (all alloys) and swap.

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The biggest cost in car ownership is depreciation, and there was an interesting comparison between a Volvo and BMW in this week`s Sunday Times, whereby after 3 years the BMW had retained 63% of its value, whilst the Volvo had only retained 30%. - you pays your money and takes your choice !!!!!!
Volvo S 60 - kal
So if you are volvo fan buy after 3 years. More importantly however a lot of the times it has been written in the motoring press that the quality marques have superior residuals, but these surveys should factor in whole life running costs, quite often the servicing and insurance is pretty expensive (twice as much) when compared to ordinary motoring fodder. But then image does come at a price!
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Having just bought a 2 year old S60 and spending a lot of time browsing dealer forecourts I am surprised to hear of a 30% residual value. As far as I can tell the residual on the Volvo's sit just below BMW but certainly much higher than the Fords & Vauxhalls of this world.

The S60 is a great car and on the whole I am happy with it. I tend to push the car to its limits and in that respect its perhaps not the most fun car to drive. The steering doesn't give as much feedback as I would like however the 2.4 or T5 provides bags of power which more than compensates (Particularly when they are chipped :) )

I bought the S model with 16" alloys however I quickly sold them, and fitted a set of 17" Tethys which has improved the cars handling (& looks) without affecting ride quality. I was a little unsure of what impact they would have on the ride however if there is any its very slight.

The S60 is one of the comfiest cars I have ever sat in although it doesn't have the wafty ride of either the S80 or other executive barges. I moved from an Omega which was similar however the S60's handling is far superior so I guess it depends on what you want out of life.

I seem to achieve a little more than 30mpg which I am perfectly happy with considering my driving style, although the car is run purely on Optimax which may help a smidgen.

I don't think you will regret buying one!
Volvo S 60 - kal
For how much and where did you by your S60 from. What was the mileage and how much has it cost to service.

Volvo S 60 - SjB {P}
I originally wanted an S60, which in the right colour (Maya Yellow), with the lowered sports suspension and 17" wheels (18" ride too hard and damage too easily), is to my eyes the sexiest saloon you can buy.

I was therefore bitterly disappointed when I found how limited the rear head and leg room is, and how restricted the boot aperture is. Thankfully, salvation was found in the form of a V70 2.4T, also with lowered sports suspension and 17" wheels, which is proving fantastic. If your friend does not however need the space that we did, I would thoroughly recommend the S60, especially with 2.4T. This smooth engine has bags and bags of instant grunt, at almost any engine revs, and the advice I received from fellow Backroomers that it's a better bet for most people in the real world than the T5 has proven accurate. It's a gem of an engine.

The V70 is a little heavier than the S60, and I guess less aerodynamic, but I average 27 MPG. In terms of distance, my driving is comprised of about 10% town, 20% commuting 20 miles where the average speed has been 37MPH over a blend of 30, 40, and 60 limits, and the remainder split between cross country driving, at a fair clip where sensible, and cruising between 70 and 85 on motorways.

With the 'lowered dynamic chassis', as Volvo call it, and 17" wheels, the ride is not in the same limo class as my fathers S80 with soft suspension on 16" wheels, but neither is it hard and crashy. Infact, as speed rises, it becomes wonderfully compliant, and very confidence inspiring. My brother has a new V70 D5 with standard suspension, and regrets the decision. His is only slightly softer, but has nothing like the body control. Like Crombster however, I would agree that even with the lowered chassis and 17"rims, there is a feeling of being slightly detached, especially on initial turn in to tight corners at reasonable speed. I have learned to relax and be even more sensitive at the helm, but it's still not a patch on my previous Vectra GSi Estate that had tremendous feedback, at any speed.
Volvo S 60 - kal
Thanks for all your advice. How much does your car cost to service.
Volvo S 60 - sorrera
The article refered to an S40 which is a completely different beast in that it is actually a Carisma.
Not saying it is a bad car, just that it isn't really a volvo and not a true representative of the brand.
Volvo S 60 - SjB {P}
<<< How much does your car cost to service >>>

I haven't had the pleasure of spending the money yet, sorry.
My V70 is only ten weeks and 1900 miles old.

I believe that my father's five year old (from when he bought it, new) S80 2.4 (not 'T') has cost between £200 and £600 for each service so far. I would expect the S60 and V70 to be similar to this, though Volvo list the maximum service cost for my V70 as nearly £2000 (gulp)! This does however occur at one hundred and something thousand miles, and includes (the first) cam belt change.
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I would change my cam belt at a much earlier mileage then officially recommended by volvo.
Volvo S 60 - Crombster
I paid a smidgen over £15K when the car was 20months old with 5000miles on the clock. The car was previously owned by Volvo UK and at the time was at least £2000 less than the next cheapest car of similar age and mileage on the Volvo approved used car list.

I can't offer any help on servicing as I have yet to have one, time will tell!

Best bet is to go to a dealer, take it for a test drive and have a good old play about with it.

Best of luck

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