trade-in fair or foul? - mlj
Traded my Leon in last week at a local superstore. Very happy with the deal and car purchased (Avensis pre-reg 16 miles only-old model) but was told that the tax disc on my trade-in was part of the part-ex allowance and I had to hand over. there was 6 months left and I had assumed ( as in every other deal i have done) that this was mine to cash in. This is not abig deal for me but I have been wondering if this is usual practice.
trade-in fair or foul? - Pugugly {P}
Foul. I would have taken it off before getting there and said
"Well if you'd said it was part of the deal I'd have left it on !"
trade-in fair or foul? - Wales Forester
Too late to do anything about it now, but I'd have told them to cancel the deal there and then if they insisted on keeping the disc, I'm sure they'd have backed down.


trade-in fair or foul? - mlj
I had taken it off, it was in my wallet. I did this as a matter of course. All previous dealers I have dealt with weren't interested in tax discs. To be (more than) fair the deal did include 6 months tax on the car i bought, which is standard with this dealer. It did occur to me to walk away but this would cause hassle ( £200 deposit to start) and I did want this car. In the long term, it just makes you even less trustful twards dealers.
trade-in fair or foul? - Vansboy
When I value a vehicle, I ASK if the customer intends to surrender, or leave the tax.Saves any queries, later.
It's when they arrive carrying a fuel can, the trade-in running on vapour, decide to keep the 'brand new' spare tyre, they were forced to buy 5 years earlier,together with swapping the battery & keeping the wheel trims, that annoys me!!
& I'm not joking!!

trade-in fair or foul? - mlj
Vansboy: fair enough, but I was not informed of this policy and if I had been we could have argued the toss for £25 either way. However, to be told this at the point of receiving the keys to the new car left a sour taste. Still, won't be going back!
trade-in fair or foul? - Marc
This happened to me a couple of years back. Dealer gave me a measly couple of hundred for my well used but reliable & serviced Renault diesel against an overpriced but immaculate Mercedes (that I really wanted). I assumed I would keep the 3 month's remaining tax on my old car. On pickup day I removed the disc from my old car on arrival and out of courtesy told the dealer I had done this. Oh no he says - that was part of the deal. I was a bit taken aback as I knew he was coining it from the deal already. I didn't argue mind because it wasn't worth the hassle. After that I just thought he was a tight git with a posh showroom
trade-in fair or foul? - Marcos{P}
Last year when I traded in my wifes fiesta for a focus I dropped the car in and the salesman reminded me to remove the tax and told me how to get the money back.
Hooray for Ford dealers.
trade-in fair or foul? - Dave N
Surely, if he valued your trade-in with a tax disc on it, then that is part of the deal. Just like he valued it with no damage, a running engine, MOT, etc.
trade-in fair or foul? - mlj
and the CDs in the car? and the mats I shelled out for? The kids car seat? Of course not. My gripe is that the salesman made no mention of it and in all my previous experiences tax discs are not part of the deal. It was not mentioned until I had handed the draft and the keys over.I would bet this is their practice. In my opinion a little up front honesty would have avoided this.
trade-in fair or foul? - smokie you saying "Oh, I'll be taking the tax disc off, does that change the value?". It works both ways...
trade-in fair or foul? - Blue {P}
I was asked how much tax was left on my Fiesta and it affected the value...

However, I don't mind 'cos Jennings are giving me 12 months tax FOC with the new car, as well as been very generous with the rest of the dEAL. I'm also giving my expensice fitted mats to a friend rather than leave them in the car.

Again, a big thank you to Ford dealers! :)

trade-in fair or foul? - mlj
Fair point, Smokie. When I first traded a car in many years ago I did exactly that. Then and on the next 4 or 5 occasions the dealer said it was mine and they were not interested. I just felt unhappy at the way this dealer went about it.
trade-in fair or foul? - jud
This is a very old 'trick', always state before the deal that your tax is not included and what ever else you intend to remove, likewise if you want 12 months tax ensure the quotes include this, important when comparing prices, plus always ask for on the road prices. Sometimes the dealer will then specifically ask for the tax to be left on so he has a run around.
trade-in fair or foul? - James_Jameson
I don't normally feel like taking the side of the car dealing fraternity, however, if a dealer has given a value on a trade in, surely the value is based on the car "as seen".

The same theory surely applies to selling a house, where it is expected that items like light bulbs, light switches, bathroom mirrors and so on are included in a sale unless specifically excluded. The house sale process is now better documented in this respect; perhaps transactions involving second hand cars should be as well documented with a clear list of what is and what is not included with the car being sold / traded in.
trade-in fair or foul? - Pugugly {P}
So based on this argument, If I pay my Council tax up front in April, and then sell my house in May, I don't reclaim a rebate from the local authority. Don't think so...
trade-in fair or foul? - mlj
Equally, when you buy/sell a house a list of included or excluded fixtures and fittings is passed between vendor and buyer and agreed before contracts are exchanged. This dealer knows exactly what it is doing and announcing it at the moment it did is the cause of annoyance.
trade-in fair or foul? - Marc
I don't see why I should leave any tax on a car when I trade it in. I'm not some sort of charity paying for either the dealer or the next owner to get a couple of months at my expense. IMO it's a personal tax that the owner must pay. It's not as if all that many dealers chuck in tax on the vehicle they sell you is it? (unless they are making a particularly good profit on the deal) and can therefore spare £90 in the name of good relations/repeat business etc.

I just found my particular experience galling when he was selling such an expensive (and overpriced, but I wanted it) car with no tax, had given me peanuts for my old one and he still wanted the remaining tax
trade-in fair or foul? - jud
It was not overpriced otherwise it would rot on the forecourt, it was priced to sell and it did, further the sales rep saw a opportunity to enhance his commission and took it due to your oversight. Just take it on the chin, give him best and learn for the future, most of us have dropped one in the past.
trade-in fair or foul? - Marc
Yes, you're right in that I was prepared to pay the asking for it but it was still £800 over A1 book and a bad spec for a prestige motor (non metallic paint and a manual box) - but it was in outstanding condition

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