Omega...Worth a try? - antonios gubba
I've always hankered after a large, 6 cylinder car. Until now I've always been scared off by insurance costs. However, now that I'm getting old and past it I've found that I can get very cheap insurance on this sort of I'm gonna go for it.

I'm pretty poor so I'm only looking to spend around £1000 to £1500 max, but I don't do a huge amount of miles per annum..less than 8000 a year.

I'd like something with lots of toys, like air con and stuff, and I've started looking at Vauxhall Omegas, cos I like the styling and I've heard they are a nice drive. I've seen lots of nice looking examples in my price range...for instance, I saw a nice N reg 2.5 CD model with 100K miles for £1200...but it sold before I got a chance to look at it.

Anybody know if the Omega is a bad idea?...and if so can anyone suggest an alternative?

Omega...Worth a try? - Crombster
New or nearly new Omega's are good cars however if you are on a budget I wouldn't advise you buy one of them, particularly a V6.

I bought one as a student for 6K however by the time it got upto 100k miles I was spending a hell of a lot of cash keeping it on the road. They are not cheap to run and at that age many of the components will either have failed or be ready to fail.

Great if you can afford to run it but if not you well end up broke! :) I sold mine for 2grand because it was cheaper to buy a new(ish) S60 than it was to continue running the Omega.

On the other hand you may be lucky and it wont cost you a penny to keep it on the road.

Omega...Worth a try? - antonios gubba
Thanks for the reply....I know its a bit of a risk, but I've always wanted 6 cylinders. (its just the noise they make I like). I suppose if any big car goes wrong its gonna cost a lot of cash to fix....thats why I'm not really looking at BMWs cos of the parts prices...any other suggestions?
Omega...Worth a try? - king arthur
You might find a Mondeo V6 within your budget at auction - not quite what you had in mind?

Honda Legend perhaps, although that's FWD. I guess for that big car feel you'll want RWD. You might find a Ford Scorpio 2.9 within your budget, but maybe not without high miles. How about a Volvo 960 3.0 saloon? I sold one a while back, lovely car to waft around in and stonking performance from that straight six. A slipping or sluggish auto box just needs new ATF or flushing out, noisy tappets are common and watch for cracked cylinder head.
Omega...Worth a try? - J Bonington Jagworth
"I'm not really looking at BMWs cos of the parts prices"

I seem to remember Quentin Willson recommending BMW 7-series as a good buy, and commenting that normal spares such as brake parts were relatively cheap. Not much consolation if the air-con or ECU breaks, I grant you, but these things are built to last and hard to thrash. They also have rotten residuals, because most of the people who want this sort of car prefer a relatively new one.

FWIW, also consider five cylinders. Poor man's V8 (IMHO) as they have a slightly asymmetric growl, which is nice if you like that sort of thing...
Omega...Worth a try? - Dynamic Dave
Goto site search box at top of the page and enter the word Omega. You'll find literally 100's of posts about Omega's, both good and bad.
Omega...Worth a try? - DavidHM
I think basically there are two issues here: firstly, whether it's a good idea to buy an older six cylinder car approaching banger status and secondly, if you do, whether the Omega is any good.

I think the answer to the first is probably no, but then if you're used to running bangers then it might not hurt too much to try it once, and the second, judging from the Big Book of Omega archived on this site, is that they're as good as anything of that type that you might get for the money.
Omega...Worth a try? - antonios gubba
Thank you all for your replies :o)..some things for me to think about there.

King Arthur....thanks, I never thought about a Mondeo V6, but now you mention it I'll probably have a look at a few...I've got a Mondeo at the moment (1.6...don't laugh!) and its been totally reliable considering its age (L reg). I have considered the Scorpio, but I just don't think I could live with those headlights!

J Bonnington....I'd love a Beemer, but I'd be looking at a much older model for my price range I think...Omegas seem to be really cheap for the year. Gotta be 6 cylinder rather than 5 though lol...I think it stems from my childhood. My father used to own a wonderful 1966 Humber Super Snipe which he kept in beautiful condition, and the sound the engine made just enthralled me.

Thanks for the suggestion Dave...I'm gonna search the archives now for postings about the Omega...dunno why I didn't do that first!

DavidHM...yes you're right about there being two issues, and you're probably right when you say its not a good idea to buy an old 6 cylinder car!....I just want one badly!...yes the real issue is whether the Omega is any worse than another old 6 cylinder. If its as good as any then I'll probably go for one, because it seems you can get a much newer model Omega in my price range than say a BMW....just seen another Omega, 1996 P reg, fully loaded 2.5 CD, with 90K for £1495...sounds like a huge slab of car for the cash.

Thanks again all for the replies!

Gubba. :o)

Omega...Worth a try? - smokie
I STILL like my Omega. If you aren't doing stacks of miles and get a good 'un it should keep you going a few years. Repair bills CAN be big, but that's a risk with most cars...
Omega...Worth a try? - J Bonington Jagworth
"..whether it's a good idea to buy an older six cylinder car approaching banger status.."

I don't see why not. Big cars depreciate quickly because they are perceived as expensive to run. This is true for the person absorbing the depreciation, but not in most other respects - they have to be made from stronger components that are less likely to be worn out, and if you don't mind slightly higher petrol costs, you would be unlucky to get one that didn't give you a few years' cheap motoring. After all, £1000 is less than a year's depreciation for most newer vehicles.
Omega...Worth a try? - antonios gubba
Well I took King Arthur's advice!...I've just bought a 1996 N reg Mondeo 2.5 V6 Ghia...It has loads of toys including air con, traction control, electric windows(4), elec seats, elec sunroof, heated windscreen, alloys, radio cassette AND a separate CD player (both in the dash...I've never seen that before). Bodywork is nice and it drives fine (100 mile trip home after buying problems) and is MOT'd till december. It has a full ford service history and appears to have been well looked after.

There is a BUT though!

It has done 174,000 miles!!

But then again, I only paid £700 for it.

Am I likely to regret this purchase?
Omega...Worth a try? - Blue {P}
Course not, it's got at least another 100K in it if it's been really well looked after!

Omega...Worth a try? - antonios gubba
Cool!! the Ford 2.5 V6 a pretty robust engine then if its been serviced regular?...also, am I right in thinking that there is no timing belt to worry about on this engine?...(chain driven??)

I bought it mainly because I thought to myself if it blows up in a few months then it isn't really the end of the world having only paid £700 for it.

There is a strange feeling that runs down the back of the spine when I blip the throttle of the V6 that I just didnt get with any of my previous 4 cylinder cars...the growl it makes is sort of primordial...I'm sure I'm much more of a "real man" now I drive a V6! ;-)

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