VW 2.0 TDI in a Sharan? - hxj

VAG's new Euro IV 2.0 TDi engine is appearing in the A3 and the VW Touran.

Does anyone know if/when it is expected in the Sharan, I can have one on the company car scheme and the tax saving is significant

VW 2.0 TDI in a Sharan? - DavidHM
No hard information but the A3 and Touran are both based on the same platform as the Golf V.

The Sharan, on the other hand, has been around since 95 and although it doesn't feel particularly dated, it is likely to be replaced with a car based on the T5 platform that has already produced the Cravelle and will produce the Microbus. Alternatively it could share a platform with the next Passat due within 2 years.

Knowing VW's tendency to introduce a new diesel engine and let it trickle down through the range, I would be surprised if that engine ever made it into the Sharan before it's replaced, which is likely to be in two years or so. This is all speculation and if anyone has any hard information I will bow to them, but my money is on the current 130bhp diesel engine remaining the top option for as long as it's in production.

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