Matrix Reloaded - Citroënian {P}
Just been watching the new movie, and was a bit disappointed by the product placement of the cars - am I right in thinking the main car chase was an advert for Cadillac & Ducati? Bit of a dig destroying that BMW 7 Series, and surely it wasn't a co-incidence that they sent a Ford Explorer cartwheeling.

Bit like the Bond movie where the product placement was a bit OTT, IMHO.

Still, great movie.


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Matrix Reloaded - martin
well, i thought the movie was lame in the extreme, especially the tacky love scene and the ridiculous pseudo philosophoy, but hey, the guys still haven't found a way to imporve Keanu's acting via special effects, keep trying boys!

But to cars, yes the product placement was not too OTT, but you still had plenty of 2-3sec shots of Ducati stickers on Fuel tanks and trashed BMW's, or rather BMs that stood up to trashing rather well. Of course, the Explorer went rolling, but this is no different from normal!

Matrix Reloaded - Blue {P}
I thought the chase scenes were brilliant.

What car was it that Trinity was driving? It seemed to stand up really well to been showered with bullets, and must have a factory fitted bullet proof rear seat. :) Seriously though I thought it was quite a nice looking car, for a family saloon...

Matrix Reloaded - THe Growler
We got hold of the usual pirate copy a few weeks back for about a pound or so: Growlette's verdict "not nearly so good as all those old car movies we got already".

Case closed.
Matrix Reloaded - Blue {P}
We can get the pirates pretty easily, but it's not the same as watching it in glorious Dolby Digital at the cinema :-)

I thought it was pretty good, even if the story is getting a bit more complicated, thankfully I understand it! I had to try and explain the plot to people after the film...

Matrix Reloaded - Crombster
I think Reloaded lost the plot to the fancy graphics. Not nearly as good as the first one with the fight scenes being a tad laborious as well...
Matrix Reloaded - bartycrouch
Have you read Fleming's Bond novels - They invented product placement!
Matrix Reloaded - LHM
From your ID, Lee, I thought this was about replacing the heater matrix in an XM - mine needs doing (again!)!!!
Matrix Reloaded - Citroënian {P}
LHM wrote:
[i]replacing the heater matrix in an XM [/i]

LOL! No I'd have been thrown over into techical, although I should imagine that changing that particular matrix could well be a drama!

The car she was driving, is a new Cadillac - saw a review somewhere of the new version of it with som huge amount of BHPs and a note saying it's unlikely we'll get it here.

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