Inlet Manifolds - Sarb11
Does anyone know what the symptoms of a leaking inlet manifold are? I've been told that I've got one by VW dealership. What would be the symptoms?

Inlet Manifolds - Cliff Pope
Basically air would be being drawn in somewhere, eg at the manifold to head joint, injector seals, or somewhere else. Typically this causes uneven slow running, stalling, overheating, generally poor running.
The trick for identifying it is to squirt WD40 around the likely places while the engine is idling, using the red plastc extension tube. When you hit the leak, the engine alters speed. I,ve never had to do this, but people tell me it works.
Inlet Manifolds - Peter D
Yes it does work but I prefer to use a lenght of small bore hose and listen aound the manafold until I find the leak. regards Peter

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