Forester sturbo vs xtrail tdi - ian
SWMBO would like to go 4wd on the school run and the BMW compact is struggling with the 3 wheel baby buggy! joking apart it is needed to be a big estate and general family workhorse all in one.

Would like some opinions on the economics of buying a 99/00 sturbo for £10-11k or a newer £14-15k for an early tdi sport xtrail as plugged by HJ!

on the basis of the forester returning 25mpg and the tdi giving 35mpg over 48k miles, estimating the future value to be £3.5k for the subaru and £6k for the newer nissan, depreciation is about the same. total cost difference is about 5k about the same as the difference in purchase price. Are they figures broadly correct? Forester seem to hold their value incredibly well but will this carry on as they get older?, dealer prices seem to vary wildly, do they just pitch them high and expect big negotiations. Imports can be had for £17.5k and they still want £13k for a 3yr old 50k car.

Any opinions on the cars themselves? I figure the sturbo is faster better handling but less cargo space whereas the xtrail is newer therefore less problems, better looking (!) and more economical . Thanks, Ian
Forester sturbo vs xtrail tdi - J Bonington Jagworth
"better looking"

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess... :-)

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