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My mazda mx5 is idling a bit rough. I had a look at the air intake around the butterfy and it is filthy ! What is the best way and or product to use to clean this area without damaging the butterfly or cat.

best tb cleaner - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
If you can find it Mega-Power throttle body and carb cleaner is by far the best around but is only available to trade. Failing that Wynns or STP do a good one. Use it sparingly, wear eye protection and use an old toothbrush to shift the dirt. On MX-5s I usually remove the throttle body (4 bolts and a few hoses) to clean the back of the butterfly and the idle speed control valve. You will probably have to reset the idle speed afterwards as it will increase.

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best tb cleaner - Cyd
I wrote a "weekend workshop" article about this for Rover Torque (the Rover OCs mag) because the Rover turbo engines suffer from this problem too. Like Andrew I remove the tb from the car and use an old toothbrush with carb cleaner. The first time I did it (the tb was very grim) i also polished up the edges of the butterfly very lightly with duraglit. I clean the tb on the car with brush & cleaner every time I change the oil now and remove it for a thorough clean at each 24k service. Makes a huge difference to running and economy.


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