Anyone else notice ? - volvoman
Really sad I know but has anyone else noticed that the car featured on the Peugeot advert set in India showing an old car being 'bashed' into a shape resembling a new Peugeot ?0? also changed from being an RHD to LHD in the process ?

Anyone else spotted any major continuity problems with car adverts ?
Anyone else notice ? - Dynamic Dave
changed from being an RHD to LHD in the process ?

Oi V,

Anyone else notice ? - volvoman
Ahhh.... It's funny 'cos I tried a search before posting and nothing came up so I didn't know it'd been covered already. In fact I've only recently seen the ad and wasn't even aware the ad. was so old ! That's my excuse anyway DD :-)
Anyone else notice ? - J Bonington Jagworth
"I tried a search before posting and nothing came up.."

Hmm - I've noticed that the search engine here doesn't seem to work, too. I hate to beef about a free service, but the 'old' site search facility was brilliant, but this one just seems erratic.

FWIW, the ad itself can be found on:

(thanks to Google, which does work...)

Anyone else notice ? - NorthernKev {P}
I believe there was a competition in the Motoring Telegraph to paint your own car or something. Anyway, you got to paint a Mondeo, I think, and they had a picture of a Vectra...

Something like that...Lol

Anyone else notice ? - tunacat
Yes, I'm sad:

Remember the one for Woodpecker cider where the Escort submerges in front of the bus shelter? That does a flip from RHD to LHD as it approaches.

Or the Jaguar X-type "Just stay in its tracks" one - cheap how an ad for a British car has to have people speaking in English, but dubbed, when they're driving LHD vehicles on the right hand side of the road. The co-driver of the snowplough has even been given a Scottish or Irish accent!

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