Try to do someone a favour! - Primera_p
Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone else had been told to *%&) off after attempting to help another motorist.

Last night I followed a oldish Toyota down a speed-humped road. I noticed that the back end of the car continued to bounce about 4 times after each speed hump was driven over!

At the end of the road I filtered left and they were going right so I gestured to the passenger to wind the window down and told them that their dampers were probably needing replacement because of the bouncing etc.

Their response - not repeatable!! And this from a middle-aged woman (not that means anything)

Anyone else tried to help someone but get this type of reaction??
Try to do someone a favour! - Big Vern
With all the car jacking horror stories I have given up pointing out broken brake lights, soft / flat tires and the like as people are too suspicious of such comments, thinking I am trying to lure them out of their car!

Sign of the times I'm afraid

BTW a couple of years ago I pointed out a flat tire to a driver, who by the look of the rim had been driving on it for quite some time, their reply was 'Ohh, ok thanks' and then they proceded to drive, on without even getting out to look! DOH!
Try to do someone a favour! - jonesy127 {P}
I cheerfully once pointed out to an elderly gentleman in an NCP that the ?space? he was considering occupying was in fact the no waiting bit in front of the pay & display machine.

His response? He enquired as to what pink fluffy dice business was it was mine. I just laughed. ;-)
Try to do someone a favour! - Clanger
On the way back from work last year I flagged a chap down on the A1 by in Citroen BX whose offside rear wheel was blatantly loose. He replied frostily to the effect that he couldn\'t feel anything wrong and scorched off. By the time I had got 10 miles further on I found a 3 wheeled BX missing a chunk of rear wing and with the bumper trailing on the deck. I didn\'t stop again.

Also flagged a chap in a Ford Sierra down years ago outside Leeds on the M1. His near side rear tyre was flat but not shredded. When he opened his window to converse with me the blast of raw alcohol was overpowering. I pointed out the tyre problem. \"Can\'t deal with it now\" he slurred, \"Got to see a man about a dog\". And he took off down the hard shoulder.

Also a while ago I had a hired Tranny headed for South Wales. I was following a truck far too closely when it emptied the contents of its radiator dramatically under the truck and therefore over the front of the Tranny. I tried to pull out and flag them down, but the truck was empty and the Tranny full of Mum\'s furniture. By the time I had crept abreast of the truck, it slowed suddenly and pulled over. I followed it and got out to explain to the driver. I had hardly started when he interrupted, swearing at me to the effect that he could quite well see what had happened and now to go away and mind my own business.

It\'s a thankless task\' trying to help ...



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