Air filter on Toyota 1.4 vvti Corolla - arnold2
The air filter on my Corolla 1.4 vvti needs replacing, according to Toyota, every 2 years or 20K miles on the full service (oil & filter @ 10K) - but I do 35K per annum, so have been getting through 2 minor & 2 main services every year for the last 2 years until the warranty ran out at 60K - expensive @ Toyota !
After one more Toyota full service (£180 thanks), I decided to get my local Kwik Fit to to the next oil & filter change - which they did very well (£26 with semi-synthetic) - in fact, the engine ran better than after the Toyota full service (?). But does the air filter need changing (if I do 35K per annum) twice a year ? I am planning on getting Toyota to do a full service once a year, then independents to do the rest...
Air filter on Toyota 1.4 vvti Corolla - Pete F
Airfilter life depends almost entirely on mileage and conditions. Not time. If Toyota recommend 20k change under average conditions, then leaving it till 35k is a bit long. If you don't drive in dusty conditions (e.g. up the backside of trucks on a dry road or on unmade roads) then you should get away with it.

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