Saxo Digital dash reset - pbartlett
I have a Citroen Saxo VTS that I recently took to a garage because there was a fault with the fuel gauge. It was covered under the 3 yr extended Citroen warranty and the dash/instruments was replaced. When it was replaced they did not re-program the dash with my old mileage which to me seems wrong. They have written in the service book that the mileage was reset but if the service history was lost then essentially I have a \"clocked car\". Is this right that they would not reprogram the dash ?
Saxo Digital dash reset - Pete F
It's only a problem when you sell the vehicle and they are not selling it. It would be interesting to know what they would do if you traded it in with them!
Saxo Digital dash reset - pbartlett
Hmmm I dont want problems when I sell - I think i might write to the head office to see if this was proper procedure....
Saxo Digital dash reset - Marcos{P}
On my old Merc I had a fault with the fuel gauge and they replaced the dash pod and it just reset the mileage to what it was. When I enquired about what would happen if it didn't reset to the original mileage they said they would have had to program the thing to show the corrct mileage.
I think you will have trouble selling the vehicle if you don't get this sorted.
Saxo Digital dash reset - pbartlett
Just spoken to them again and they said that on the Saxo its actually impossible for them to do because its not "multiplex" ? But it is documented with them so any queries in future could be directed straight to them I guess - if what they say is true then I have no choice but to live with it I suppose
Saxo Digital dash reset - Dynamic Dave
If I were you I would ask for a copy of that documentation for your own records.
Saxo Digital dash reset - RichardW
Have a scan through the ads in any car mag - there are usually quite a few companies that advertise 'Mileage Correction' services - Citroen are just saying they can't plug THEIR diagnostic computer into it and do it, but that doesn't mean someone else hasn't worked out how to do it!


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