spark plug noise - Sarb11
I took two of my spark plugs out this morning to check the condition. Gave them a wipe and stuck them back in.
When the engine is running I\'ve noticed a clicking sound coming from the engine, in the area of the plugs that I took out.
Have I over tightened one of them or just not put the leads on correctly? The engine seems to drive fine no other problems.

Any ideas?
spark plug noise - Dynamic Dave
The clicking noise you could be hearing might be the HT leads tracking and breaking down somewhere. Pop the bonnet when it's dark and see if you can see any sparking going on in the area of the noise. What might have happened is one of the leads may have become loose from the spark plug caps, or you may have lost the little nipple that screws onto the top of the plug itself and the plug cap isn't making a tight connection anymore.
spark plug noise - SkyMan
Might also be fuel injector noise (i.e. normal) but you've never noticed it before.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm taking the wee-wee but I've been caught out before by that...
spark plug noise - Altea Ego
To check if its the plugs or leads arcing (and yes they do click when they arc) wait till its night, take it somewhere dark, and lift the hood while the engine is running you can sometimes see if its arcing, its worked for me a few times.
spark plug noise - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Or not tight enough....

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