water in car ! ! - welshy
A 1994 Peugeot 405 , I have discovered that there is water getting into the car , the rear passenger floor behind the drivers seat is soaking , is this a problem that can easily be fixed ? I have no idea where the water is coming in from but it looks like its coming from the boot area and rolling down into the rear passenger floor . Any ideas >?
water in car ! ! - Dynamic Dave
IIRC, from past threads on this, check the rear light clusters are sealed to the bodywork properly.
water in car ! ! - AR-CoolC
Does your car have a factory sunroof ???
If so check that the drain pipe from the back of the appeture is not damaged. This pipe takes the water down the C-pillar, if there is a break in the pipe water will just run down the inside behind the trims.
You could also look at the outer door seal, the one that goes from front to back along the top edges of the doors, these often crack and perish over time.

good luck.
water in car ! ! - welshy
Hello . thanks for that , yes the car does have a sunroof . This may sound daft but how do I check the drainholes for the sunroof , im sorry but whats the "C" pilar ?
water in car ! ! - mre2mpo
I had the same problem with my pug and it was coming through the rear light cluster. I would think its that rather then the sunroof by the way you describe it.
water in car ! ! - AR-CoolC
C pillar is the one between the rear door and the back screen. There is no real easy way of checking the drain holes but the first thing to do is open the sunroof (back into the roof) and using a watering can pour water down the sides of the appeture ( you'll know what I mean when your looking at it ), you should see lots of water appearing around the rear wheel, if it looks like not as much as your pouring in then there is a fair chance the pipe is damaged, now comes the hard bit.
you'll need to drop the headlining a little, pull off the rear door seal (the one that goes all the way around the door), then remove the c pillar trim by un-clipping, then remove the grab handle. this should give you enough space to have a look under the headlining at the framework of the sunroof. there is a plastic hose pushed onto the metal frame, this is what usualy comes off, if it is off, its a simple ( but very fiddly ) case of push it back on.
water in car ! ! - IanT
There are lots of places water can get in, but the one on my Peugeot 309 took some finding ...

This was caused by a blocked water drain hole behind the fuel filler flap. Water collected behind this flap, and most just drained away through the gap between the flap and the bodywork. But a small amount would seep between the filler pipe and the inside of the bodywork. From there, it collected under the jack holder, then dripped through to under the rear right light cluster, then into the boot, along the boot floor, eventually ending up under the rear seat.

Stuck wire down drain hole. No further problem.

water in car ! ! - Andrew-T
In case it wasn't any of these possibilities, another is the plastic membrane in the rear door, which has to be removed to fix anything like central locking, window winders, or a glass repair after a break-in. If it is not put back properly, rainwater from the glass runs into the door then into the car behind the trim panel.

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