Audi boot sizes - Wally Zebon
Can someone tell me if it is possible to get a set of golf clubs in the boot of an Audi A3.
Also, how many would fit in an A4?
I can't make up my mind what to go for and this might influence it a bit.

Audi boot sizes - Ian (Cape Town)
IIRC, the A3 will. (depending on the size of the bag!)
The TT doesn't - you have to put the woods behind the seats!
I'll dig out a local article about cars/golf clubs and post the results.
(why don't you just go down to the local Audi dealer with your bag?)
Audi boot sizes - joe
Wally, do you have a trolly?

If an A3 has a similar size boot to a Golf, then you will have a job getting 2 sets of sticks in carrybags in. You would not be able to do it with big "tour" bags, and certainly would not fit a trolly in.

Should be no problem getting 2 sets and at least one trolley in the back of an A4. If you are like me, you will also need room for:
1. At least 3 pairs of shoes
2. Approx 20 empty/half empty water bottles
3. Carrier bags full of practice balls
4. Spare drivers/putters, 1 Irons
4. Mouldy set of waterproofs
5. 3 Jumpers (various David Coleman diamond patterns)
6. 5 baseball hats, 2 tweed caps (for more traditional courses)
7. 3 mouldy golf gloves
8. 1/2 a bale of hay (how did that get in there?)
Audi boot sizes - peterb

Be warned that, on the latest A4, folding rear seats are an extra cost optional extra(!).

The extra cost isn't that high but a contact in a leasing firm tells me that a number of punters had a nasty shock when they found that their cars lacked this useful feature.


PS It's a very well built car.

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