A6 2.5TDi quattro 140bhp - jake
I am considering purchasing this previous shape A6 quattro with the diesel engine. It has averaged 15000 miles per year & is 1 owner with FASH.
I obtained service history printout from audi servicing dealer which itemises Cylinder Head and Cambelt jobs done at exactly same mileage last year at cost of £1100.
Should I be wary / walk away or look on the positive side that these items have been sorted recently by an audi dealer.
If I proceed I intend to have it professionally inspected by ABS.
Any feedback would be much appreciated.

A6 2.5TDi quattro 140bhp - DavidHM
The cam belt thing is good news - this is essentially a cheap consumable item that requires a lot of labour to change and causes massive damage when it fails.

As for the cylinder head - there is a lot of debate about this. Personally it wouldn't sway me either way; it's unfortunate that the car has had to have this but it's unlikely to happen again; if it has FASH then presumably it's been fairly well looked after. Having said that, cylinder head (head gasket or whole new head?) failure is serious, surprising on a car that has ~85k on it, and could be a sign of neglect.

I definitely think that professional inspection is in order though.
A6 2.5TDi quattro 140bhp - jake
Cambelt / cylinder work was recorded at 109000 miles and vehicle has done 115000. It is a 1996 model.
According to documents it appears well looked after - printout from audi details all servicing & other work.
Noticed DIFF SEALS job at done approx 4 years ago 54000 miles. Could these be due for renewal again considering present mileage ?
A6 2.5TDi quattro 140bhp - MGspannerman

I have a 94M audi 2.5 tdi, which I have owned for nearly three years. I have done 50k miles in it, and in total it has 97k on the clock. Prior to that it was owned almost from new by a friend. I have all the bills, MOTs etc. No cylinder head, diff seals or glow plug problems,as reported in a later thread. A brake pipe was replaced at around 33k when MOtd. There is a switch operated by the brake pedal which is prone to failure, causing the brake warning light to stay on, which was easily and reasonably cheaply replaced. I do replace the cam and fuel pump belts well in advance of the recommended interval. In fact it has just been done for the second time, and this proved to be a blessing as the drive pulley has a rubber centre which had badly split - a new one cost £173! Other than that just routine servicing and replacements - discs, pads, brake fluid, coolant and tyres no real worries. I find the car to be very comfortable and relaxing to drive and very spacious. It also gives me nearly 50mpg with no sign of rust or corrosion. I would not hesitate to recommend the car, and intend to keep mine for a while longer yet.

Godd luck, MGs
A6 2.5TDi quattro 140bhp - jake
Thank you for your replies.
Will proceed with caution - asking price is 7999, it is an avant.
Subject to satisfactory inspection what should I offer / pay ?


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