audi 100 tdi glow plug light - Big Tone
i have just been to veiw an audi 100 2.5tdi 1993 with 180000miles the car has full main dealer history and is faultless apart from when starting the glow pluglight does not come on when the ignition is turned on but the engine starts instantly if left for about 4-5 seconds with ignition on, once started the glowplug light flashes for as long as the engines is running any ideas?
audi 100 tdi glow plug light - bighammerman
Have had similar symptems on mercedes vans in the past it
is a indicator to let you know that one of the heater plugs has failed.
audi 100 tdi glow plug light - bertj
It could indicate a fault in the engine management system. If the glow plug light stays on or flashes it may be similar to VW diesels. It may sound bizarre but a glow plug warning light staying on could indicate that the brake lights are not working (i.e. faulty brake light switch). Is it an AUDI dealer selling the car? If so get the dealer to plug the car into a diagnostic machine to see what's going on. I wouldn't buy it until the cause is known.


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