Merc C200 CDi - ajit
I note that the Merc C200 Cdi (not available in the UK) and the C220CDi are essentially the same engine with different levels of tuning. Anyone knows what would it take to retrofit a C200 CDi to provide an output of a C220cdi other than chipping etc ?
Merc C200 CDi - DavidHM
I don't know but I'd be willing to bet that if you are happy with the output of the C220 CDi and don't want to take it further then chipping would be by far the cheapest and simplest way of getting there.
Merc C200 CDi - mark999
Upsolute can do the job for you for ~£300 I had my V220Cdi uprated from 122ps to 151ps. Made a big difference and improved fuel consumption.
They will do the job at your home so you can watch it being done.


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