Registration offer con - Phil P
Received a letter from a company (who I guess I'm not allowed to name and shame sadly) offering me "a rather special opportunity" in the form of a registration mark featuring my initials.

The asking price? "Just £360 plus VAT and the standard £80 DoT transfer fee is all you pay."

A quick check on the DVLA Select Registrations website revealed the same reg available for £250 inc VAT and £80 assignment fee.

I'm tempted to right back to this company and ask what I'm getting for the extra £250+ they are asking...
Registration offer con - Dan J
My mum got one of these as well which we thought was a little cheeky to say the least.

What I was more interested in than anything else was the fact they knew my mother's car was an "S" reg and accordingly the plate offered began S then one digit and then her initials.

The DVLA are supposed to only ever release limited information etc so one has to wonder where they have got this detail from? Insurance co's? DVLA taking the pee? Someone somewhere along the line with access to your car details is certainly flogging the information on!
Registration offer con - smokie
Maybe a garage/quick fit location.
Registration offer con - edisdead {P}
Changing the subject slightly, SWMBO was once approached in the street by someone claiming to represent one of these companies, offering to buy her semi-desirable cherished plate for cash. Hmmmm. I've heard of other folks having the same experience. They often advertise with flyers under wipers as well.
Plate trading must be a fairly lucrative business. I vaguely recall Quentin Wotsisname doing a piece on 5th Gear about buying and selling at auction.

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