Cruise Control for my Mondeo? - blank
I wonder if the combined brilliance and depths of knowledge in the backroom can solve this one for me?

1999 Mondeo 1.6LX. Like the car and want to keep it a few more years. We cover lots of long motorway journeys and have begun to hanker after cruise control.

Does anyone know if it is possible to adapt and fit the cruise control system with steering wheel buttons as fitted to some 2.0 and 2.5 Mondeos? I suppose there might be such great electronic and/or mechanical differences as to make it uneconomic, but does anyone know?

Cruise Control for my Mondeo? - blank
Just a courtesy note to say that I'll not be able to dip into the backroom until Monday now, so apologies in advance for not responding to any replies to my question until then.

Please post any info, no matter how vague it might seem to you. Don't make me resort to the Mondeo dot org forum, I don't like it there!

Cruise Control for my Mondeo? - Roger Jones
There are several cruise-control systems available as after-market products, although I wouldn't bet on your being able to get something exactly like the systems factory fitted by Ford. I would check out the German VDO Tempostat system first; it has a neater control stalk than several other systems I once considered (VDO Kienzle UK Ltd, 0121 326 1234).

I like cruise control and use it all the time, not least to adhere to speed limits. But don't forget HJ's warning: if you fall asleep at the wheel with it on, you will crash at the set speed.
Cruise Control for my Mondeo? - Mondaywoe
if you fall asleep at the wheel with it on, you will crash at the set speed.........

But if you fall asleep with your foot on the accelerator, would you not still crash at that speed - or worse still inadvertently let your foot sink to the floor.......????

I like Cruise Control. I feel it helps economy, gives a nice smooth, steady journey and with constant 'power' on the wheels avoids (admittedly small) instances of snatch on the driveshafts. Above all, of course, it keeps you legal! I generally take my C5 up to about 58 mph and go into cruise. Mind you, the car is also set to 'beep' at 60 mph anyway!

(I had the misfortune to get booked for doing 41 mph in a 30mph limit 4 years ago. The first 'conviction' in nearly 30 years of driving! It hurt! In fact it still hurts - every time I try to renew my insurance.....

Since then, I have been paranoid about the limit.Especially in 30 mph areas I slow right down - usually with a long tailback of motorists behind me who abviously have got off scot free in the past!)

Cruise Control for my Mondeo? - JohnD
C5 Owner, I know just how you feel. I got 'nicked' by a mobile camera exceeding 30mph on a 3 lane road where one lane was closed for road works. It was 6.30am on a Sunday morning. But to get back to cruise control - try They fitted it to my Xantia and it's great!
Cruise Control for my Mondeo? - Cyd
I've had an Econocruise system which I've moved from car to car for over a dozen years now. They live in Kidderminster now. Their number is in a previous thread on the same subject.

Personally I would suspect it would be easier with an aftermarket kit. Unless your car already has the wiring in place (unlikely) then the OE bits will be difficult to wire together. However, you might be able to wire the steering wheel controls onto the aftermarket kit, but remember this will involve removing the airbag and replacing the rotary coupling - if you feel nervous about this (you needn't) then don't go near it.
Cruise Control for my Mondeo? - blank

I was hoping, optimistically, that some bright spark would tell me that all the wiring would be in place already and all I needed to do was rescue a few parts from a write-off. Why is life never that simple?!

Looks like either an aftermarket kit or buy a car with CC already fitted.

ps. For Sale, 1999 Mondeo 1.6LX hatch, 64k, FSH, AC, no CC!!
Cruise Control for my Mondeo? - Cyd
The days when wiring looms had tons of redundant wires for accessories not fitted are gone. 10+ years ago the emphasis was on lineside space, so the number of loom options would have been kept to a low. Now the emphasis is on sequenced JIT delivery so it really doesn't matter how many variants of loom there are. The bottom line is that redundant wires add cost and weight to the car un-necessarily. Similar principles apply to just about all other areas of the car too.
Cruise Control for my Mondeo? - Flat in Fifth
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