Rover 827-tappets noise - Dereksn51
My 96 827 has developed a tappet noise at start up.It seems to be just one tappet sounding off and it rapidly disappears if revved.I think I may have read something on this subject but can't locate where.Is it an idiosyncracy of this engine and something to live with? Car has done 60 thou with oil and filter changes every 3000 miles
Rover 827-tappets noise - Aprilia
I think the exhaust tappets are adjustable on this vehicle (inlet are not). I remember doing one years ago - not too difficult.
Rover 827-tappets noise - king arthur
What oil have you been using? Changes every 3000 miles is good, but I think there's something about which brand of oil filter you use...I'll try and find the link.
Rover 827-tappets noise - Dereksn51
More often than not it's been Castrol GTX-in the knowledge it's getting changed every 3000 miles.Recently gone to Halfords part synthetic and always used Fram filters.
Rover 827-tappets noise - king arthur
Here's the link to a Rover 800 FAQ page, you'll find all sorts of interesting stuff in here:

Click on Honda 2.5/2.7 Engine and "Tappet noise when cold" for an answer to your query.
Rover 827-tappets noise - Cyd
I found my 827 ran superbly on Morris Multivis - a semi synth available from independant factors. It got quieter as it aged on this oil.

I was told that varnish deposits in the tapets prevented them pumping up properly when cold, so I also used an oil flush at every change. As I say it got better with age - I bought it with 64k and when i sold it with 124k it was quiet as a mouse.

Strangely enough my wifes K series Metro was tappetty on Halfords part synth, but is very quiet on Halfords fully synth. My current 820 VS also runs superbly on Halfords fully synth (and uses less between changes).
Rover 827-tappets noise - Robin the Technician
you have a hydraulic tappet that is losing pressure overnight. This sometimes happens and does not mean there is actually anything wrong with it. Once you start up, oil is forced into the tappet and it stays hydrauliced. Suggest you change the oil to that recommended in the owners handbook. You might consider doing an oil flush to as it might be a bit gummed up which is common on these engines.

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