Volvo test drive - volvoman
Hi all - I'm off to a test drive an M regn. Volvo 960 3.0CD estate later this week. Apparently it's mint (they all say that don't they), has a full Volvo service history and has done 85k. Dark plum with beige leather interior, sounds nice. Anyway, anyone got any thoughts on what to look out for or how much I should be hoping to pay for this car ? Didn't have time to establish the asking price but it's a p/ex for a new V70. I'll check Parkers of course but would welcome any sort of feedback from those around here who know far more about such things than me
(which means everyone except HF! :-) ).

BTW, I've had no problems with my 940 se turbo (manual) in the five years I've been using it for primarily local runs and doing only 3-4k pa. How would a 3.0 960 (auto) take to this sort of treatment ?

Thanks gang !!
Volvo test drive - volvoman
ps - have checked the CBC Breakdown already.
Volvo test drive - Nsar
Apologies if this sounds obvious, but have you tried entering that description into the Autotrader site and doing a national search?
Volvo test drive - HF
V, I actually have a wealth of knowledge I could have shared with you on this one, but given your comments above I don't think I'll bother ;)
Volvo test drive - Dan J
By far the most comfortable car I have ever had the pleasure of being driven in.

I knew an estate agent in London who had an S90 - almost identical to the 960 bar some minor exterior trim. He used the car for taking prospective renters/buyers out to properties. This meant many short journeys yet the car still had 270k (IIRC) on it.

Always been a Volvo fan I asked him what he thought of the car - his comment was he'd always had a new car every year til he got the Volvo. Had liked it so much (and they stopped making the S90 shortly after) he'd kept it and had not had any trouble whatsoever with it.

Trust me though you'll scare the hell out of yourself, and undoubtedly many other people too, the first time you boot it :o)
Volvo test drive - volvoman
Thanks Dan & Nsar, I've tried to log on to the Autotrader site and have my password but it doesn't want to work for some reason so I can't check any details there.

Anyone got any thoughts as to whether or not it would be much more expensive to run, service etc.than my 940se turbo ?

The dealer said these cars don't come up very often (bet they all say that) and it will shift no problem so I guess that doesn't put me in a very good negotiating position does it ?
Volvo test drive - volvoman
Dohhhh... The car came in on Friday but I didn't
get to see it until yesterday - just a quick visual as I was passing by the dealer at the time. Mint isn't the word I would use for this car - agreed it hadn't been valeted but the leather seats looked very well worn and amongst other things, the trim (leather ?) on the inner door linings had stretched excessively and come free in places. Not exactly tidy !

Now I know these things don't necessarily matter to everyone but why would I want to buy a car with an interior in that condition ? The price ? Oh yes, they're asking £7995 which is £1500 more than the dealer price listed in the What Car Used Car Price Guide. Dream on dealer !
Volvo test drive - DavidHM
£8k for an 8, 9 year old Volvo? I know you're a fan of the big rear drive estates but even so, that's obscene.

You could get a three year old V70 with nearly the same spec and mileage (not quite as powerful perhaps) for perhaps £4k more from an independent. Factor in economy and likely second hand value and you're paying a hell of a premium for a barge like this!
Volvo test drive - frostbite
Isn't it infuriating and especially disappointing when a car is mis-described in this way.

No matter what our age I think we all start dreaming as soon as a viewing is arranged and then the anticipation gets burst like a balloon.
Volvo test drive - volvoman
I really don't feel very strongly about marques but do like the size, build quality and reliability of my 940 estate and would be happy with another newer one. I didn't search out my car BTW, it's the only Volvo I've owned and I just bought it from my brother who was getting a newer 940 Wentworth. The thing that I like about RWD is the effect this has on the turning circle which is outstanding for such a large car. Other than that I'm not really bothered. IIRC my old Rover 820 fastback was FWD and was fine to drive.

Anyway, at the price they're asking they must think I've just fallen off a Christmas tree* but I might take the test drive anyway just to see what it's like.

* although I'm sure HF will testify that it would have to be a very strong one !
Volvo test drive - Baskerville
Anyway, at the price they're asking they must think I've just
fallen off a Christmas tree* but I might take the test
drive anyway just to see what it's like.

Why? They'll only give you hassle and try to make you buy it and that will be annoying. You know you want one so just concentrate on finding (and test driving) the possibles.

If they've misdescribed it this badly do you still trust them?

Volvo test drive - volvoman
Sorry I should have explained that I'd be test driving only because I haven't driven a 960 before and I'm told they're very different from and much better than the 940. I wouldn't buy this one but if I like the 960, it'd then be worth looking for another, better, example. If not then at least I can rule out the 960 in future.
Volvo test drive - Baskerville
Ah, that's different. Make it a good long one just to get them back for misleading.
Volvo test drive - Gazza
My friend is currently trying to sell his Volvo because he cannot afford to run a Volvo 960 3.0 24v CD auto estate and a Scorpio auto on student loan. It has done 160k and fsh, MOT & Tax. Same year and specification as the one your've seen, metallic red and beige leather, private plate (A17 NCB, I think)

As he is preparing for our finals at the moment (so am I) and has to repay the student loan soon after, he is considering to flog it through auction. He is expecting 4000 pounds.

Would you like to have a look at his?


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