Ka - dave18
Is the Ka with the new engine a good buy? And how is the new engine identifiable? Also will a new/del. mileage car from a supermarket have the new engine?
Ka - DavidHM
The Ka with the new engine is a great buy - group 2 insurance for a start, as well as decent performance and chuckable handling.

If you just want a base model, get one from a UK dealer. They'll be able to tell you the build date, for a start. You should also be able to get hold of it for £5495 with a three year warranty and no problems with servicing or resale, which a supermarket car won't match.

Oh and I know this isn't definitive but the newer models have chrome centres on the wheel trims, whereas the older ones have the same flatter trims that were fitted to the original Kas back in 96. Easily swapppable of course but by now I would expect that most of them would have the new engine, being a post-October build.
Ka - dave18
Thanks for that.
any idea how to identify the build date?
Ka - dave18
Thanks HJ. Its for Mum of course, but I told her that the new engine is better. She asked why so explaining was difficult... (ie how to explain in non technical terms without getting the answer well so-and-so's is OK!)
Point being if she drove one at a dealer and liked it, then went to a supermarket to get a cheap Style/Collection, how would she see the difference? What is visibly different compared to the old engine? It is quite important because the thing will never get serviced for a start. Also because there seems little point in getting the old one no matter how cheap.
Ka - Obsolete
Drive The Deal usually do a good deal on a Ka from a UK dealer.

Car supermarkets don't seem so good for the Ka after you've added on £200 to get it on the road + £300 or more to extend the warranty to 3 years.
Ka - dave18
Thanks. £5999 for a Collection is good though. £6500 after charges, still £1600 less than Ford's price!
Ka - DavidHM
I know them only as a customer, but www.pwmillar.co.uk has them for £6495 and I am pretty sure these are UK cars. I know the £5495 base models are.

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