polo gearbox leak - PoloRob
I've got a 1.4 1996 (N) VW Polo. I noticed a small pool of liquid under the car on Monday, after some pretty heavy mileage down to Cornwall for the Bank Holiday. I checked engine oil, brake fluid and coolant which were all OK, so I assumed it must be the gearbox oil (though there was no obvious problem with the gearbox). It has been dripping all week and I took it into a local garage who tell me it was leaking at the gasket and seals and has to go off to be re-sealed (£320). The car has done 52k miles - is this a common problem on the Polo?


polo gearbox leak - Peter D
No not the gasket and seals at the same time. I do not believe it. Go somewhere else I suspect it is just a drive shaft flange oil seal 1/2hr labour and £4.00 parts. Have both changed whilst your at it. Regards Peter
polo gearbox leak - bertj
I agree with Peter D. It\'s usually a drive shaft oil seal and for some odd reason it\'s often the nearside one. Gearbox oil usually has a very odd smell (cat urine!)and it will be quite clean. If you can get the front of the car on a set of ramps you should be able to find the leak although you may have to remove the plastic undertray first.

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