What should I do? - Blue {P}
Well, I\'m very tempted with a new Fiesta Zetec with 2 years free insurance. I\'m keeping this short \'cos I foolishly lost my last post and can\'t be bothered to re-type!

I reckon that I can afford to buy it and save about £2,800 in insurance premiums over my current car. That means that in effect, I get to do an almost straight swap of my 02 Ghia for an 03 New shape Zetec with A/C.

Has anyone driven the 1.4 new shape Fiesta? Any opinions on it\'s handling and the responsiveness of it\'s engine? Also, what is the tyre life like? I\'m concerned \'cos I really don\'t wanna replace the tyres all that often on 15\" Alloy wheels.

Oh, and is anyone interested in an 02 reg Fiesta Ghia 5dr? It\'s got too much to list, but here\'s some of my favourite bits:
Air Con
Leccy windows
Remote deadlocks and alarm
Heated screens and heated power mirrors.
CD Player.

Just been main dealer serviced and done 10K.

I\'m looking for about £6,500ish on a private sale.
What should I do? - DavidHM
I've been very tempted by this deal too, Blue - and I thought 'why the hell doesn't he do this as well' about you.

Things I'd miss about my car: the remote stereo and locking, the electric mirrors, the performance (0-60 in 13 seconds vs. 10 and a torquier engine on the old one to boot) But I won't miss the costs for insurance, road tax, MoTs and fuel :-)

Because I won't have the income to get the finance for a few months, it looks like I'm going to have to leave it. In case the deal is still around in a few months I think I'm going to take one for a test drive on Wednesday.

Because your car is an import, I think your valuation is a bit optimistic. On the other hand, you've overestimated the price of the Zetec - www.regvardy.com has them for £7995 so even if you only got £5500 for your old car, the deal would make financial sense. Oh and if you fancy a trip down to Wales, PW Millar in Barry www.pwmillar.co.uk may have them even cheaper according to their (infrequently updated) website.

It's got to be worth sticking the car in AutoTrader at £5995 and seeing if you get any response. Don't forget that the new one has a longer warranty and would be worth more second hand as well.
What should I do? - Blue {P}
That's just what I was thinking about the warranty, mine has expired and if I can do this deal it would mean that I'm covered for another 3 years :)

I know that I would miss the remote locks, but I was thinking about building them into the deal (£200 option) or adding an aftermarket alarm with remote locking interface (again, just under £200)

I'm seriously considering this, and I'm gonna go back to the dealers tommorow (I've made them sweat for a day) and ask how me selling the car privately would affect the deal.

At least I've had better treatment than my mate so far...
What should I do? - mlj
You may not at all be interested, but in your position I would consider a Fabia 1.4 16v. Should get one for £9500 at most and I believe Skoda are currently offering 0% over 3 years.
What should I do? - Blue {P}
The problem is I already own a fantastic car that I'm quite attached to, but the new Fiesta comes with 2 years free insurance, which to an 18 year old is worth ££££!

I just got caled by the dealer who was asking if I'd had any chance to think about the deal (yesterday I told him I would be back the same day if I was interested)

I said that I was thinking of selling privately and asked how that would affect his willingness to negotiate 'cos I'm not happy with the deal as it stands at the moment.

He kinda stammered a bit, I'd obviously caught him realy off guard and he didn't know what to say, I don't think he was expecting an 18 year old to be anything other than a pushover :) He said that I could call in this afternoon and we would be better off discussing it face to face, so I'm gonna go back and ask for free metallic, free fitted mats, and of course a full tank of petrol. If he turns it down, I walk. :)

Wish me luck!
What should I do? - HF
Good luck!! ;)
What should I do? - Blue {P}
It's done! It's done!

I got them to give me £5750 trade in on the Fiesta Ghia and throw in free metallic paint. :)

After we'd agreed on all of that, I then mentioned that I would of course be wanting fitted floor mats. At this point the guy asked if I was wearing an earpiece! :)

He wouldn't play ball with the carpet mats though, he said he could do the rubber ones. So I went with them instead...

The car already comes with 12 months tax as well. :)

After we thrashed it all out he showed me how much profit he was making on the new Zetec.... £32! :D Of course I'm under no illusions that they won;t make at least £1000 on the sale of my trade in, but I didn;t think I did a bad job of screwing him for the deal... especially as he found out that my Fiesta is an import, the numberplate gave it away. Most of our cars start with NA, NJ etc. whereas my Fiesta is RE.

I also took the longest test drive I've ever done, we were out 40 minutes... I did apologise to the salesman though, I had no idea that the route I'd chosen would take that long!

I also now know what percentages on the cost of the car Ford gives the dealers to haggle with... :)
What should I do? - HF
Congratulations Blue, you must be feeling very pleased with yourself. Hope your new car gives you a lot of pleasure, sounds like you've done very well ;)

Take care and speak to you soon,
What should I do? - DavidHM
Proves that buying a car isn't rocket science then... :-D Seriously, Wrong Car, Right Car doesn't usually come close to this on negotiating a deal.

Do you mind saying how much you paid for the car itself?
What should I do? - Blue {P}
Not at all, I've got the figures in front of me.

The car was £9,600 which is the price of the standard non-metallic Fiesta Zetec 3dr with Air Conditioning.

I got them to give me £5,750 trade in which ain't too bad for a 3 owner Fiesta that's been imported and crashed :) It is still in mint condition though and I wouldn't have had any worries about keeping it for many years.

They then threw in metallic paint for free (normally £300) and of course the obligatory Ford mats, but if I want the carpet ones I've got to pay the difference.

So, by going in today I've bettered the deal by £550 when you take into account the extra £250 for my car and free metallic. :)

The garage made £32 profit on the sale of the Zetec (apparently), but will certainly make closer to £1000 (at least) on the sale of my part ex. However, I'm quite happy, 'cos the free insurance alone is worth £2800 to me!

I'd be interested to know if HJ thinks this is a reasonable deal or not, I honestly don't think I could've squeezed them for any more, not when the guy showed me their margins. :) So that you know the score on my trade in, it was an 02 Fiesta Ghia with 10K on the clock in green metallic with a 1.25 Zetec engine. Did I do good? Don't be afraid to say if you think I could've done better though, I won't be upset!

Thanks HF - I'm quite excited about it, but I'm determined to keep this car for a while, the longest I've owned a car for is 13 months so far!

What should I do? - HF
At your age it would be unlikely that you had owned one for much longer than 13 months, Blue ;))
What should I do? - Blue {P}
I know, I just can't belive I'm selling it already, I thought I would get ages out of it before I did something like this!

What should I do? - Dynamic Dave
Blue and HF, can you take your discussions to email and not here please. DD.
What should I do? - HF
Sorry DD, will do.
What should I do? - Blue {P}
It's here! It's here!

I actually got it yesterday, but have been so busy that I never got on to update the BR! Naughty me. :)

What a car, it's fantastic, there are NO rattles (so far), it handles like a dream, it's much more powerful, has fantastic brakes compared to the old one (a suicidal cyclist helped me test 'em) and it's sooo much quieter at speed.

All in all, I'm a very happy bunny.

HJ - I'd love to know what you think of the deal I got. Do you think I could have squeezed any harder? Please be brutally honest 'cos I'm quite happy with the deal, so you won't upset me!

What should I do? - MichaelR
Interested to know where you got the £2800 insurance saving from? That works out at a premium of £1400 a year - this is very, very inplausable - even if you are just 17 or 18, surely even if it was £1400 in the first year, it'd be substantially lower the next with a years NCB?
What should I do? - Blue {P}
I wish I lived in your world mate, I shopped around for days, tried every company, including DL, Tesco etc. etc.

The *best* quote I could get was £1700 for 1 year fully comp with Liverpool Victoria, the next closest was Direct Line with £2200.

I'm 18, 0 NCB, no points, and it was an 02 1.25 Fiesta Ghia (Group 6)

I quoted ahead for 2 years with Liverpool Victoria and the total costs was £2800 in today's money, so factor in insurance premium increases over the years and it could even be more, but I took the lowest figure in my calculations.

What should I do? - Blue {P}
Forge to mention, when doing my future quotes to get an idea of the cost, I included 1 and then 2 years NCB in the figures (been optimistic!)

What should I do? - MichaelR
Very odd - I'm your age (Well, a year older), and have been getting quotes of between £1300 and £1500 on the cars I'm after - all of which are Group 10-13 cars, and thats also with no NCB. With NCB, it drops to as little as £700. Again, for cars in higher groups than the Fiesta.

Norwich Union are the best, I find.

Still, you got yourself a nice new car which I'm sure you are dead chuffed at ;) Wish I could afford a 9 grand car at my age! ;)
What should I do? - Blue {P}
Norwich Union eh? They must not like me, I think they quoted me over £2K! It was a lot anyway, wonder if it's the area that I'm in, but the SR postcode isn't too bad. In fact our local area command has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, but still suffers from the image of been in Sunderland which is seen as a crime ridden dump when it couldn't be further from the truth.

Believe me, I can only just afford the car, it equals something like just under a year's wages to me! Fortunately I still live at home or else I'd be totally skint... But still chuffed with the car! :-)

What should I do? - J Bonington Jagworth
Nice to hear a happy motoring tale! I'm not a Ford enthusiast, but my daughter has a new Fiesta (1.3 unfortunately - I did tell her!) and I have to say it's very pleasant. Feels much larger than the old shape, as well as looking a lot sharper, and remarkably nice to drive. Still don't like Mondeos though... :-)
What should I do? - james S
I don't want to throw a spanner in the works but did you check what the excess on your "free" insurance is. Iknow a lady who got a Ka on this kind of deal. She ran into the back of someone, (her fault) rang Ford insurance to find the excess was £650 (OUCH). Maybe you should be careful exploring that Fiesta handling

James S
What should I do? - volvod5_dude
Good luck with the new car Blue.

I have just added my 17 year old to my policy on the Fiesta 1.3 I have just bought for him to learn in. My existing insurer National Farmers Union for the Landie quoted £550 fully comp with no claims protection , Tesco's quote was £770. Volvo insurance quoted £1900! Loads of insurance companies just didn't want to know.

What should I do? - Mark (RLBS)
James has a good point - and don't forget that there will probably two excesses - one that applies to everybody (standard policy excess) and another that applies to young and/or inexperienced drivers. Frequently if you take a voluntary excess it is on top of the two above.

So do always check what the total excess would be in the event of a claim.
What should I do? - Blue {P}
Yeah, I couldn't help but notice that.

£500 accidental damage! :O

If I need to claim for theft it is also £500. That cannot possibly be fair, I can understand the young driver's accidental driver's excess. But why should I pay £300 more than my dad for a theft claim? It's not as though the car is more likely to be stolen because I'm 18.

What should I do? - BobbyG
Blue Oval, just read this thread from start to finish! Re the insurance, as they always say, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.
Was interested in your thoughts of your old car, the first post tells all its good points, then after you have traded it in we find out it was an import, been crashed, had 3 owners and had crap brakes!! LOL :)
What should I do? - DavidHM
Blue, excuse me if this sounds harsh but in some ways I'm one of your biggest fans :-) I completely endorse your attitude to motoring and am a bit of a Ford fan - my mother has driven nothing else for as long as I've been conscious.

However, I know that when I was 18 I was much more likely to go to dodgy car parks favoured by joyriders and leave the car unlocked. I was actually driving my mum's 950 Fiesta Bonus (silver, no stereo, head rests or anything else) so no self respecting joyrider would have gone near it, but still...

If I were your age and your financial position, I would drive exactly the car you do. Although it is harsh to make you pay more, I know that at 18 (and at a certain extent, at 25, though where I am now there is far more public transport available) I was much more likely to leave my car exposed to dodgy elements - and I'd much rather take an obscene £500 excess than a £2k premium...
What should I do? - zedzedeleven
are you sure you will get a n.c.d with free insurance?
What should I do? - bugged {P}
When i got my first car (micra) it had three years free insurance, at the end i got 3 years n.c.d. however the insurance company said that after the 3 years if you stayed with them they would give you a 5 year n.c.d.

How this works i dont really know but thats what i got in writing.

Anyway heres the snag. because i was only 20 and with one accident they wouldn't insure me after three years anyway and therefore I couldnt get the 5 years N.C.D, they ALSO said they wouldn't give me 5 years even if they could insure me because their insurance contract with Nissan had ended!!!!
What should I do? - Gen
Hi Blue Oval

hope you enjoy your car.

Interesting part of your thread to me is that you say you are paying nearly your full years salary on your car.

Out came my calculator, and I've worked out that I'm currently paying 7% of taxed salary on car including tax insurance and repairs but not petrol. This will reduce averaged over the next few years since bought car this year and included full purchase price in my 7% calculation.

Now, I know that if you keep your car for four or five years averaged out and allowing for resale it will be about 30 or 40% of your salary.

Guess I'm just surprised how much of your salary you are willing to spend on the car. And I'm awfully curious about other boardroomers...is this unusual, or am I usual??
What should I do? - Blue {P}
Don't worry Gen, I'm the unusual one, I'm a student who lives at home and only really has the car and er... socialising to spend my money on, I also have a very good weekend job which allows me to afford to go out often and buy a new car (look at the time that I amde this post, I justg got in and I'm a bit drunk!).

My new excess is only £50 more than the one that I already had, which I paid £1700 per year for the privilege for! :O

Don't forget that the full year's salary is spread over 2 years, so it isn't like I'm spending £10K a year on the car every year! I'm not that obsessed!

What should I do? - Blue {P}
BobbyG - I still love the old car, it had bags of character and the wood dash was still fantastic for a car of it's class, I loved it to bits :-)

The 3 owners were actually the place we bought it off (2 days), my dad for insurance purposes (about 6 months) and myself (6 months) so really I'm the only one who drove it, but it's down pn the log book as 3 former keepers.

Also, the accident was repaired by the local Merc specialist, nothing less would do for my baby, not even the main dealers! :-) Especially as the insurance company was paying. The brakes were fine, but they weren't as good as the MK6! :-)

What should I do? - Blue {P}
Finally got the mats for it yesterday, after it turned out that the salesman I was dealing with had left the dealership, it was agreed that I would be called about the mats, 5 days later no call so I went in.

After a bit of faffing about they came back with a full set of carpet mats, handed them to me and didn't ask for any money, so I just walked out, assuming they were now a gift to make up for the mistake made by the salesman. I'm a much happier customer for that, and actually tore up the stroppy comments card that I had written as a result.

So, now that the whole deal is complete, I can say that I *would* recommend Jennings Ford.

HJ - if you're reading this I would still love to hear your opinion on the deal. I wanna know how I did in reality, rather than the dealer's "I'm making no money" story. :-)


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