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Looking to buy a 1990 Cavalier with a beige interior. The beige headliner will certainly require replacing. Should I try looking for an aftermarket one, or one from a spares and repairs car? Also, any advice on replacing a headliner? Many thanks

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Is a headlining from a spares and repairs car likely to be in any better condition than the one in the car you plan to buy?. The youngest one (unless the headlining on a mk1 Vectra will fit) is going to be 23 years old.I think i'd be inclined to get an aftermarket one, assuming they are available for a 1990 Cavalier.

No experience on replacing a headliner, but found this page which may be useful,

Vauxhall Cavalier - Headliner replacement - Andrew-T

Could your headlining be refurbished, or is it too damaged? Try asking a roof replacement specialist, they might have some suggestions. I had good work from one in Lymm (Cheshire) for a replacement soft-top.

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Go and see your local motor trimmer. They do them all the time. I got mine done about a year ago. Didn't cost too much.


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