Saxo coolant temperature sensor. - stevek
Does anyone know what the hot and cold resistances of this sensor should be? It is the senor for the fuel injection on the thermostat housing on a 1.4 saxo.
When they fail do they go open circuit or do they become intermittant?
Saxo coolant temperature sensor. - David Davies
You should read about 3kohm cold and about 200ohm hot on the coolant temp.sensor.In extreme cold the reading can go up to 5kohm.When they fail they can be open circuit,short circuit or totally out of range,easy to check in those cases.Alternatively you could have an intermittent drop out at a certain temperature or a sensor which is only slightly out of range,these two types of failure need very careful checking to find.If you at all suspect the sensor its probably best to renew it as they're not expensive.Also make sure the connector plug and wiring to it are in perfect condition.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
Saxo coolant temperature sensor. - stevek
Many thanks for your good advice.

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