Just done CBT! - David L
I'm sure I'm not the first to have posted such a message, and I certainly won't be the last, but here goes anyway. Regulars will remember my request for advice regarding Kymco motorcycles earlier in the year, and how I mentioned I'd intended to learn to ride a motorcycle when the weather improved.

I had my CBT booked for today, as the weather had improved sufficiently (well, it was last week!). Of course, s**'s law dictates that it had to throw it down today, but that didn't spoil the fun.

Despite the fact that it threw it down, and that I was wobbly as a weeble at low speeds, nothing could take away the fact that it was all really good fun. It's interesting how DIFFERENT this is from driving a car! Just little things like when you get upto speed, how you're actually having to pull yourself forward from the wind.. and just how fast 30-40mph seems on a bike! Ahh, it's great!

Due to recent alterations to my financial situation, I am no longer considering purchasing a bike in the near future, but I do intend to continue learning with the people who did the CBT.

I'm also giving some thought to DAS again, as the 125 actually felt a little too small, in fact the instructor commented on how the bike wasn't really suited to my size, and I may find it easier (even the low speed stuff, apparently!) on a slightly larger bike, and they suggested that in the near future, I come back, take a couple of hours practice on the school's CB500, and see what I think after that.

So, I intend to do that (I know, something of a U-turn from my anti-DAS stance in my last m/cycle related post), and take it from there.

Apologies for me going on and that, but I wanted to share the fact that I really enjoyed the CBT, even *with* the rain.. and the kick-only start CG125! I think I'm hooked :)

Will keep you posted
-David L.
Just done CBT! - Daedalus
Well done David,

If you enjoyed it on the 125 you will really love it on a larger bike. Thats it now though, there is no going back, once you get the feel for the speed your in. For life.

Just done CBT! - steveb
>>once you get the feel for the
speed your in. For life.

Just try and stay alive ...
Just done CBT! - glowplug
If you get a chance try a Honda C90, I'm not saying you'll like though! Very different from modern scooters and amazingly economical.

Just done CBT! - THe Growler
Good news bro'. Just remember the shiny side stays up and the dirty side is the part underneath....
Just done CBT! - David L
Thanks for the kind words, all.

Just thought I'd pop in with an update - after another go on the CG125 the other week, I finally got to ride the CB500 today.
Still having great fun with it (the weather being a little nicer has helped!), and I do seem to be getting the hang of this riding lark, as I'm not so wobbly with the U-turns and such like anymore. It's also nice to be on a bike that can lug my.. erm.. big bones around at 60+, even with a headwind on the dual carriageways!

I'm feeling a lot more confident in the cycle's ability to balance, and realising that to make the bike fall over, or become unstable - it's going to be *me* doing something silly, not the bike (which was how it had felt up until today!)
All in all, a lot more comfortable riding on the roads, and mixing in with traffic. This said, I'm not quite confident to think I'm getting anywhere near test standard yet - it does take the pressure off when you've got the instructor (or occasionally a local taxi firm; what's that about?) in the earpiece warning you of the tight bends, the dodgy road surface, advising you on the road positioning, etc, etc.

I've also invested in a little bit of my own safety gear, as it is easier and more comfortable to be in your own stuff, rather than the school's one-size-for-all gear.

Oh, and electric start; what a luxury!

Anyway, I'll stop going on now, difficult as that is - but suffice to say, I'm enjoying it, and I appear to be making progress. What's strange is I don't remember learning to drive being this enjoyable...

Again, will keep you updated
-David L

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