Well chuffed with RAC - Daedalus
Its renewal time for the bike insurance. Last 4 years have been with NU at about £480 fully comp. I ring around a few different brokers to see what they can do but the savings, if any, havn't made it worth changing. I tried the RAC site today being a member, in the past for the car they have been dear, and they came up with a quote of £308 for the Blackbird fully comp. Bought on the spot. In fact it was so cheap I rang them back after a congratulatory cup of tea just to make sure it really was fully comp. Thanks to Judith for doing the deal.
I tell you I'm really chuffed at this one.

Well chuffed with RAC - martint123
Phoning around earlier this year -Yamaha R1, 295 fully comp, 190 TPFT, 90 TPO (ancient git, rural postcode, garaged, alarm/immob).
Bikes are slowly getting insurable again at last.


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