BMW318i touring auto (march 2000) - Malcolm1
Hi All,

The auto box on my 318i is reluctant to change up from 2nd to 3rd when cold.

It needs about 3600 rpm before changing which is excessive on a cold engine.

After about a mile the gearbox warms up and things happen normally.

The car has been checked and found OK.

Has anyone else experienced this proble on 318 autos?


BMW318i touring auto (march 2000) - Dynamic Dave
You\'re not alone:-

I think you\'ll find the \"high\" revving is to assist the cat in warming up quicker.

btw, personally I don\'t consider taking a cold engine to 3600 rpm before changing gear to be excessive on a modern engine. Closer tollerances, better oils and additives in fuel, etc help look after an engine these days.

If you are worried about the engine revving high when cold, you could always let it idle for a few mins before driving off - however some say that this practice is worse for an engine than just driving it from cold. Horses for courses I\'m afraid.
BMW318i touring auto (march 2000) - kal

It is not a problem so no need to worry as this is a BMW design feature, my 318i auto 1999 model also holds the gears longer when cold, but changes up quicker when warm.



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