Importing - Ravster
I'd like to import an Audi from Europe myself. Can anyone recommend a good dealer they may have come across on the continent?


Importing - DavidHM
If you can beat UK prices by anything worthwhile...

Seriously, I don't think now is a good time to import. Audi secondhand values are substantially reduced by being imports, UK cars have a three year warranty, and you can even get a discount.

Compare the prices from (typically £1k off, depending on model, more on an A6) with what the foreign dealer will charge you, factoring in travel costs, a third year's warranty (at what it's worth to you or the actual cost, whatever is less), currency charges/fluctuations and reduced second hand values and I'd be very, very surprised if buying abroad comes out ahead.

For example, an A4 2.0 FSi SE is £18650 discounted in this country. The equivalent Ambition model is ?24353 in Germany (plus VAT which in the UK would be £20,000 total), plus £100 for a flight, £100 for a ferry back, £80 in petrol costs, £200 for plates, foreign insurance and UK road tax and £100 in hotel bills. That's £20580 without a possible LHD premium or any differences in specification or second hand values. Okay, you might get a discount in Germany or elsewhere, or the pound might rise again (and probably will) but even with the pound at its highest ever level against the euro, the difference would be marginal at best.
Importing - Armitage Shanks{P}
6 months ago I bought 1000 Euros for a holiday and paid £640, yesterday I went to do the same transaction - £730! I nearly broke my Zimmer frame!
Importing - Ravster
Hi guys

Thanks for the advice.

On reflection (and with the euro as it is) I better start looking for a TT over here. I had actually hoped I could get a budget flight and a cheap car - back to the drawing board!
Importing - DavidHM
Have you seen the new TT150 roadster? It's £20,800 from ukcb above, with the 150 bhp engine.

Okay, it's not that fast, but then the chassis isn't that good on the TT either, but it's only 2wd because it doesn't need the power, but it looks just as good as any other roadster, it's cheap and is probably the one best suited to life on the not-so-mean streets of Fulham.
Importing - Ravster
Hi David

I was considering the same for those reasons esp as I do live in London (off street parking etc). I'm not sure what else in that price range would appeal/is worth considering? (Celica, MR2, etc reasonable cars but not quite the same league as a TT - but maybe I'm wrong!)
Importing - DavidHM
Depends what you want it for.

Celica is good, if cheaper, the new Mazda RX8 looks superb when it's out and the Nissan 350Z not too shaby either. Even a 3 series convertible is worth a look if practicality is a concern, though not performance at TT money.

Of course, if you want to pose and pull blondes in Kensington, I'm afraid a TT will have to do if you can't stretch to a Boxster.
Importing - Ravster
Well as I'm turning 30 and have not had a sports car before I thought what the hell. However I do want to be able to go shopping, insure the car and not lose loads of money i.e depreciation. The Audi seemed a sensible choice (and as Kensington blondes are high maintenance) re depreciation etc
Importing - Wally Zebon
I\'ve been lookin into this myself, for an S3. I found the following site very useful....

Unfortunately the S3 has been discontinued because the new A3 is due out next month. The new S3 won\'t be out until late 2004/early 2005 with an RS version out a year later.

Might have to look for an ex-demo.


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