micheldever-other names (fao j todd) - peter todd
sorry to get your hopes up but MD tyres don't have much in surrey yet but they trade under the name of protyre @ fareham 01329220743 & slough 01753571171.

their service should be of equal quality but wether they have so much choice & same prices as HQ i don't know.

one of the fitters at micheldever told me years ago that they had to fit 400 tyres a day to cover their overheads & then they start to make a profit, don't know if thats still the case, but if their boss can afford to have his latest tupperware boat built in NZ, enjoy ocean raceing and still under cut all the rest of the trades prices and give 1st quality service then he's happy & so are the customers
Re: micheldever-other names (fao j todd) - J Todd
Sincere thanks for your time and trouble.

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