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Court appearance soon for speeding :( - jonesy127 {P}
...well not for speeding as such; I believe the misdemeanour is failing to respond to the Notice of Intended Prosecution.

Basically I was caught on camera speeding back in October of last year, but didn?t know because the paperwork was sent to my old address.

I hadn?t bothered to inform the DVLA of my change of address, at least not until December of last year when I renewed my tax. As a result, an officer of the law turned up on my doorstep in February, after they?d ?tracked me down?.

He was pleasant enough and suggested I explain the situation to the local magistrates. This I did, pleading not guilty (as advised by one the magistrate courts? staff on the phone) to not responding to the Notice of Intended Prosecution, but confirming I would?ve paid the fine for the speeding there and then if I?d known about it.

The result: an invitation to appear in court next month, billed rather grandly as ?Police v. Craig Jones?. What do you think I?m looking at??
Court appearance soon for speeding :( - Morris Ox
I suspect the original fine plus a discharge for failing to respond.

Only spanner in the works is your failure to inform DVLA of change of address. Don't know whether it's an offence not to do so. If there is a question of law there it might complicate things a bit, so you need a sound solid explanation of why.

Court might think that you rather brought this on yourself as it wouldn't have happened if you'd got in touch with our friends in Swansea.

Either way, be contrite, acknowledge what you've done, explakn that while you did bring this on yourself a bit you weren't trying to avoid anything, and say you've learned your lesson. Usually brings a result at the minimum end of the scale.
Court appearance soon for speeding :( - SteveH42
I have a feeling not telling the DVLA of a details change is an offence. I can't remember the details, but the daughter of a colleague got stopped for speeding but hadn't updated her licence address which seemed to be considered a more serious offence. (!)

No idea of the penalty though. TBH, I didn't think to change the address on my driving licence until a few years after I'd moved to Stockport, as I considered my parent's address a more 'sure-fire' way of being able to contact me as I moved about 3 times in the first two years here. Apparently I was still committing an offence though - luckily, not one that was detected. (Oh drat, I've dropped myself in it now!)
Court appearance soon for speeding :( - Rob C
Is it really "Police v. Craig Jones", I thought it would be "Crown" rather than the police.
Court appearance soon for speeding :( - jonesy127 {P}
Yes, really.
Court appearance soon for speeding :( - THe Growler
Slightly OT but picking up Steve's point. I live overseas but my UK license has always used my sister's Sussex address. Does this mean I have exposed myself to the full force of HM justice system and wil be tied to a wheel and flogged if ever I return?
Court appearance soon for speeding :( - Dwight Van Driver

No such offence of failing to respond to NOIP - this is just a procedural matter to notify a person of the possibility of prosecution for certain offence i.e. a reminder.

You will have received a summons to appear at your Court. This will list the offences they are going to look into. How many?
Suspect from what you say (1) Failing to name driver (S172 RTA 88) and maybe (2) Fail to notify DVLC of change in Registration details.

If (1) is present and they do not accept your excuse then possibly a bigger sting that just for speeding. (2) No hanging matter.

Court appearance soon for speeding :( - jonesy127 {P}
You're right, DVD, alleged guilt is that of failure to identify driver.

I'm sure it was the wife!! ;-)

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