Vectra VS Mondeo - FooFighter
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated....
I am trying to decide between these two cars, both in 1.8 / 2.0
Undecided whether to go for the "Hatchback" or estate versions.
I will be using them to transport 2-3 mountain bikes, so I'm looking for which would be the best for this purpose as well as which is the best v.f.m extra's etc.
I would be looking at the £3000 - £5000 mark.

Vectra VS Mondeo - blank

If you search this site you will find many opinions on this subject. I drive £3500 worth of 1999 Mondeo and find it excellent, reliable, comfortable, economical, cheap to service and fix and good to drive. I bought it because it is far better than an equivalent Vectra. See reviews on any motoring site or magazine back issue for confirmation. Go to the Car-by-Car breakdown on this site first.

Our otherwise wonderful moderator Dave will disagree.

Hope this helps,
Vectra VS Mondeo - FooFighter
Thanks Andy S.
Vectra VS Mondeo - Dynamic Dave
Our otherwise wonderful moderator Dave will disagree.

Who me? Most definately. Go for the Vectra. BUT make sure it's had it's cambelt and rollers changed at 40,000 miles. Alternately spend a bit more and go for the 2.2 litre engine, which superseded the 2.0 litre sometime in early 2000 anyway. More performance and camchain driven, so no horrible belt to worry about.
Vectra VS Mondeo - NorthernKev {P}
Most people will say Modeoes.
They 'handle' nicer but Vectras are more confortable.
I would have a Mondy, as I'm a Ford man. Take a test drive in both and see which you feel more confortable in. [Some people say Mondeo seats give them backache.

There are stacks of either around [very popular fleet cars]. Hatchbacks are normally cheaper, [most common shape they were sold in [expecially Vectras]] but an estate is probably more practical for your purposes.

Vectra VS Mondeo - Rojer
I have a friend with an 'L' reg Mondeo Turbo Diesel Estate bought for peanuts at 140K. With regular oil changes was still going strong last time I heard two years later. Huge loader with cheap running.
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Vectra VS Mondeo - superannuated rocker
The Mondeo definitely rides and handles better than the Vectra, but there other considerations. The 2.0 litre Vectra petrol is considerably livelier than the equivalent Mondeo and also more economical on petrol.
Vectra VS Mondeo - TrevP
If you were to think diesel (I know you said 1.8), - no contest.

Vectra every time.
Vectra VS Mondeo - Ben {P}
Mondeo. Vectra handling a joke. Mondeo more reliable too.
Vectra VS Mondeo - FooFighter
Thanks everyone.

Does anyone know which has the bigger loading space (in both hatch and estate)?
Vectra VS Mondeo - superannuated rocker
Just happen to have the road test to hand from What Car Jan 1997. Mondeo wins on 19.1/56.8 against the Vectra's 16.21/52.6cu ft. In case you're interested Mondeo 2.0l 25.8mpg, top speed 119mph 0-60 10.1secs Vectra 2.0l 30.9mpg 126mph and 9.7secs.
Vectra VS Mondeo - Flat in Fifth
The other thing that I would say is that having had a Vectra Estate and now a Mondeo Est, but the new shape admittedly that whilst the mondeo loadspace is huge the Vectra had many more useful nooks and crannies.

This means that now I have to carry my handy kit of odds and s**s in one of those blue Tesco plastic boxes held down with the cargo net, whereas before it all fitted under the rear floor around the spare wheel and in all the other cubbyholes in the Vectra.

Only drove the old Mondeo a few times and whilst it generally drove OK that diesel engine was dire in the extreme, so on balance Vectra would be my vote. That is assuming you really have to choose between those two.

Personally if spending my own money, as opposed to company hack, I'd have had a Xantia Estate. Or an Octavia Kombi natch.
Vectra VS Mondeo - Flat in Fifth
Mondeo. Vectra handling a joke. Mondeo more reliable too.

And there speaks the voice of wisdom.........not.
Vectra VS Mondeo - egor
How about a nissan primera estate?
Boring as sin to look at but estates big,fast,and very reliable just check out the car by car report and see how no ones complaing about them breaking down and there cheap.
Also the peugeot 2.o hdi engines are pretty nippy great for overtaking and lower insurance group.
Vectra VS Mondeo - DavidHM
The Primera estate is a good car but rare and the styling is a little bland, although when it's uip against the Vectra and Mondeo that's hardly an issue.

As for Peugeot HDi engines giving a low insurance group - that's definitely true of the fantastic 306 D Turbo (a group 5 hot hatch!) but sadly not of the 406 which is somewhere around group 11, dependent on model.

Vectra VS Mondeo - egor
yeah i was refering to 309 2.0hdi tried one yesterday and was blown away by the pulling power of thay diesel engine, and such a low insurance group.
I still got the primera estate though because it was cheaper and i think in general they're more reliable.

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