Golf IV Not Starting First Time Bleeping - st1
Can anyone help please:
Golf IV 1.6 (8V) 1998
When trying to start from cold, engine turns very slowly and fails to start first time (or second, or third time) as if battery is rundown.
Bleeping noise eminating from the rear of the car.
Radio code and resetting of clock then required.
Eventually car will start after trying a few more times, perhaps by giving the starter motor a rest for a few seconds. Can then restart engine as normal once it has idled for a few seconds.
All dash lights appear OK, as does fan even when engine won't start.
Immobiliser (/alarm?) is VTex, which came with the car (bought as a demo)but I don't know whether it was factory- or dealer-fitted. There is socket in the boot to turn the immobiliser off. Wonder whether bleeping is from this system.
Golf IV Not Starting First Time Bleeping - Altea Ego
>as if battery is rundown.

Yup thats the problem. Battery is knackered or the leads, connections, terminals need looking at. Clock and radio resets indicate lack of volts due to strain of starting car. Beeping could be alarm due to undervolts as well.
Golf IV Not Starting First Time Bleeping - Peter D
Check terminals, earth straps and charge voltage 14.4 to 14 .6 or so then buy a new battery, a decent one. Peter

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