BMW Air Conditioning - PeterT
I have recently been quoted £750 to repair the air con on my BMW 523 se auto. The refrigerant gas has leaked out from the expansion valve which is aparently situted behind the dashboard. This seems rather expensive !! Has anyone any experience of this and does it seem reasonable or should I get a second opinion from an indepenant specialist?

Thanks in anticipation

BMW Air Conditioning - kal
go to a specialist and get a second opinion unless you\'re feeling rich.........see this web site for details on a/c specialists....some main dealers sub contract the work out anyways.........
BMW Air Conditioning - oldtoffee
Definitely seek the advice and price of a specialist - I went to one recommended on this site and received excellent service - they apparently do all the work for the local Merc dealers.
BMW Air Conditioning - Dave N
You can try a specialist, but make sure they're completely happy doing it, as partial dismantling of the dash is required, which may mean reseting ecu's for airbag, climate etc. Also make absolutely sure that this is the real problem, and they're not guessing at it, as they can't find a problem elsewhere.
BMW Air Conditioning - PeterT
many thanks for the advice and comments. I will have it carefully checked out before going ahead.


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