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Could I have some opinions please on what the current trade view is on the value of used imports - are UK spec imported cars worth less than UK supplied ones? I suspect the answer could be they will give you less in part exchange if your selling but charge the same if your buying!

Used import values - KB.
I don't think there is a definitive YES or NO on this. It depends on what it is, how old it is, to whom you are selling it. There are too many variables to give an answer. I've sold my UK spec. imported Yaris's to private buyers and have told the buyers of the ones that had only done 200 miles or so the vehicles history and had no problem and made good money. My Auto was a year old when I sold it and didn't get asked whether it was imported and didn't tell them. All were as new and undistinguishable from UK models and I've not heard a squeak from any of the buyers - it was painless and profitable.

Some dealers may ask whether it is imported and make a price adjustment - others won't. Search on this site for a detailed thread on this very topic - ie. should you disclose the fact it's an import to a dealer.

If it's over 3 years old it's not going to make any difference and the older it gets the less of an issue.

Imports have dropped by 40% since last year due to strength of pound/euro and due to UK brokers and dealers discounting more aggressively. Importers are admitting to making less money and it's thought the practice will fade away from the very enthusiastic levels reached in the last year or so, with buyers going for the best UK sourced vehicles due to the absence of savings abroad and the issue of lower resale values as you describe in your question. Also a UK model does give increased security during purchase against distinct from some dubious importers - some of whom went broke taking punters money with them and maybe this will be more and more the case in future.

You'll have gathered that I won't be buying abroad unless/until things improve. There are still savings to be made on some models but not for me at the moment.


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