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comm-motion - slefLX
I heard about this scheme today whereby you can earn money by doing very little - you get your car wrapped in advertising cling-film. I just wondered if anyone else has heard about it or knows anyone who's had it done and what would be the practical pros and cons of such a scheme, coming from someone with first hand experience rather than advertisers' hype.

Their website has most of the info you should need and it's


Personally I wouldn't mind doing it, it could be a bit of a laugh but I haven't got a garage to keep my car in and I'd be too worried about the "little darlings" in my road taking pot-shots at the advertisements!
comm-motion - Gen
Tred very carefully, this could be a fraud. The most likely is either they ask for a registration fee and then you hear nothing. Or more sinister I see to register they ask for registration number, name, address, approx mileage, insurance details, mot details....dolly the sheep here we come!!

I may check if this company exists with Companies House tomorrow if I have time...
comm-motion - blank
Details from Companies House Web Site. They certainly exist. I'm quite tempted actually.

Name & Registered Office :
Status :Active

Company No. :02960497
Date of Incorporation : 19/08/1994

Country of Origin : United Kingdom

Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature Of Business (SIC(92)):
7414 - Business & management consultancy

Accounting Reference Date : 31/12
Last Accounts Made Up To : 31/03/2002 (TOTAL EXEMPTION FULL)
Next Accounts Due : 31/10/2003

Last Return Made Up To : 19/08/2002
Next Return Due : 16/09/2003

Last Members List : 19/08/2002

Previous Names
Date of Change : Previous Name :

Branch Details
There are no branches associated with this company.

Oversea Company Information
There are no Oversea Details associated with this company.
comm-motion - blank
I've read the registration terms and conditions. The obvious issuies to me are 1 - they want you to sign up for 5 years and 2 - you agree to park the car in a prominent position on the street when at home. All the rest seems reasonable.
comm-motion - Wales Forester
These ads are common in the bus industry, I have driven a number of buses completely "wrapped" and the overall effect can be quite stunning depending on the product being advertised.

I would however say though, that the quality of workmanship when these ads are applied and removed leaves a lot to be desired. Vehicle manufacturer badges are sometimes removed, never to be replaced. Stanley knives are used to cut the film to shape and on occasion the paintwork and/or window rubbers fall foul of the blade.

I'm not for one minute saying that the private cars would be treated with the same disprespect, but I know of a couple of instances involving buses needing complete resprays as the paint has literally been pulled off with the ad on removal.
I don't think original car manufacturer paintwork would be affected in this way but a car that has had some paint since leaving the factory would be likely to suffer damage on removal.

Referring to the buses again, as the principle is the same, the all over ads which cover the whole vehicle including all glass (except the windscreen) are notorious for creating a dark interior. The ad manufacturers claim that visibilty through the affected windows is near normal but this is quite misleading. The glass is covered in a perforated film and the effect is horrible, buses so fitted need their interior lights on all day to compensate, passengers complain that they can't see properly out of the windows and it makes the vehicle interior generally dull. Bus drivers have been known to removed these films from important points such as the entrance doors and cab side windows as they reduce visibilty so much.

That said, applied properly, and with care, these ads can look quite stunning.

I might even be tempted at £200 a month!

comm-motion - Rob the Bus
Pete - you don't work for the ones who used to be stripey but are now swoopy by any chance? Do you live in the NW?
comm-motion - Wales Forester
I feel I should answer in a bus pun stylee, but as I don't want to rub anyone up the wrong way, I won't.

I am in the northwest and I've never worked for your lot, but I have experienced barbie and turquoisey!

comm-motion - daveyjp
How many of these wrapped cars have you seen? My total count is nil. Only ads I've seen on cars are for the companies who actually own them - mainly smarts and the new mini.
comm-motion - slefLX
How many of these wrapped cars have you seen? My
total count is nil.

I've been thinking about this and looking out for cars that have been wrapped and I have to say I agree with you daveyjp. The only other vehicle you tend to see regularly advertising in what seems to be wrapped fashion are hackney taxis. I've seen a couple of these this morning advertising local radio stations and shops but I'd be interested to know how their adverts are attached - are they wrapped as in comm-motion style or are they actually painted like that as they are a commercial vehicle anyway.

I'm not really considering getting my car wrapped but I knoe a couple of my friend are seriously thinking about it and I'd hate to think it would ruin their cars, especially as one of them has just got a BMW!
comm-motion - Dave_TD
Saw this Audi TT at last year's Netty Q rally:



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